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OTYS solution

  • Custom
  • Design flexibility 
  • Starting at 250 EUR start up fee, 75 EUR monthly 

Job API offers you the needed information, which is necesarry to create a vacancy page and to connect with OTYS and your own website. This API can be used when you currently have a website and where you only want the vacancy information from the OTYS website. The job API is an easy implementation for a webdeveloper.

For the documentation we use the well-known platform Swagger. In this way we make the Job API even more accessible to integrate into the website and you can easily retrieve the information needed for the vacancy list and detail page.

  • Simply link your own website to OTYS
  • Replacement of OTYS job portal and OTYS Job XML

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Alternative solutions


The careerpage is a new OTYS solution as a replacement of the OTYS CMS and the OTYS vacancy portal. The careerpage allows you to create a fully integrated careersite in less than 30 minutes without the use of a webdeveloper


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