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Sometimes you already have your own well-performing recruitment website or you're getting a website built in another system, but you still want to take advantage of the best features from the OTYS system. That's where the Recruitment Portal comes in!

This portal acts as an extension of your OTYS system to the website. The recruitment portal consists of a job page and an application form. From the external website, there is a link to the recruitment portal, often placed on a subdomain like: In this example, your main website would be at

Effortless job vacancy publication with Recruitment Portal

With the recruitment portal, you can easily publish your job vacancies from OTYS Go! The recruitment portal is fully integrated with Indeed,, and Google for Jobs. Applicants can apply directly, and you can find all relevant recruitment data in OTYS.

Your organization's logo, primary, and secondary colours can be incorporated into the recruitment portal. You can specify which matching criteria you want to publish on the website. Additionally, you can manage your application form from OTYS Go!

  • User-friendly
  • Quickly publish a well-functioning recruitment portal online
  • Excellent for smaller budgets

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