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OTYS Go! Partner Framework

OTYS believes it should focus on the elements they excel in and that their focus should be on just that. Other parties are able to do other things better and OTYS believes that their clients are best helped by having a ‘best of breed’-solution using partners. To support this ‘best of breed’-solution for both clients & partners, OTYS created the ‘OTYS Go! Partner framework’ which allows partners to easily connect to the OTYS solution and provide users a nice (seamless) experiences. The OTYS Go! Partner Framework consists of various elements.

The base starts with our web services. OTYS has very extensive web services to connect to the OTYS system. Where other similar parties have web services as an ‘add on’ to their own application (with normally limited capabilities), OTYS chose to create a web service layer which is an integral part of their current software solution. All actions users take through the user interface (OTYS Go!) are done by OWS request, thus allowing external parties to connect with the web services and (technically) be able to do all the things end users are able to do through the GUI.

The documentation of our web services and other Partner Framework elements can be downloaded using the following links:






Manual OTYS Go! Partner settings

Manual OTYS Go! Custom URLs

Google for Jobs function

If an OTYS client has a website build, hosted & maintained by OTYS, we have an ‘out of the box’ solution that will add a Google for Jobs code to the vacancy details of the website. Since clients use the OTYS system differently, there are various ways to ‘configure’ the system to make sure the Google for Jobs code contains the correct information.

If an OTYS client has a website build, hosted & maintained by a third party, this third party is normally creating the vacancy detail page and should thus create code that generates the Google for Jobs code. Creating this ‘hardcoded’ for a very specific customer is not all that complex. However, since most web builders prefer to create code in a more generic and ‘stateless’ way; it is better to create code that uses the same logic OTYS does itself. This way the same piece of code will generate a different Google for Jobs code depending upon the OTYS configuration.

Since we can understand this is quite a lot of work for third parties and OTYS knows this logic best, we have created a PHP function that generates this Google for Jobs code for a specific vacancy. It uses the same logic OTYS uses and retrieves all needed logic through OWS. We are offering this Google for Jobs function to make your life (as an OTYS partner) easier. Feel free to use & implement it ‘as is’; feel free to use it as a base after which you make adjustments you find fit or feel free not to use it at all. Please note the function is only available as a PHP function. If you are using a different scripting language you will probably be able to use it as an ‘example’ to understand the OTYS logic to create a similar function/script in the scripting language you use.

The documentation of this function and the function itself can be downloaded using the following links:


Download package Google for Jobs function


Organic feed & OTYS Remote apply

Organic feed connector
We have an integration on how external parties (for example job boards) can integrate with 
the OTYS system so they can retrieve the vacancy feed from our customers and post the 
containing jobs on their website.

OTYS Remote apply
We have a generic solution of retrieving application forms connected to a vacancy, to create 
an apply form on the partner side and then post that back to the OTYS system once filled in 
and create a candidate for the customer.

The documentation of this function and the function itself can be downloaded using the following link:

Manual OTYS Go! Partner OrganicFeedConnector OtysRemoteApply


If you have any questions about the OTYS Go! Partner Framework or any of these other 'partner elements', please feel free to send us an email at partners@otys.com.

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