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Resource Lab is a Paris based partner specialized in Candidate and Employee experience.

Resource Lab offers 4 main services:

Recruitment and HR sites with high quality standards and sustainable design

We offer the choice of fully custom website or a standard range of pre-designed sites that are tailored to reflect your identity and branding. Our range of pre-designed sites includes: 

  • Start: simple sites for small recruitment volumes and targeted campaigns
  • Pro: for medium size businesses who which to develop and HR brand and manage recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Network: for networked companies with multiple locations
  • Expert: targeted at hard to fill jobs with rich content in storytelling
  • Leader: for larger companies with high volumes and multiple recruitment challenges 

All our sites follow high quality standards in terms of performance, SEO friendliness, mobile navigation, carbon impact and accessibility. We also provide features to encourage diversity, inclusion and singularity 

Other services

  1. Collateral services such as SEO optimization, brochures and logo design and social media page design
  2. Enrichment services to make jobs more attractive and provide new ways of searching to candidates such as skills, passion, quality of life and living environment
  3. A smart connector between OTYS and your recruitment site to add extra features such as front-end match, scoring, affinity search and smart application form

Mission statement: 

To make exceptional HR sites available to all companies.

The introduction of AI, the opening up of marketplaces or the recent arrival of programmatic is enough to illustrate the immense progress of HR technologies over the last 20 years.
A more industrial approach and a certain amount of streamlining have made this progress possible as HR technologies have been adopted by a large number of companies.
But an industrial approach is not always enough. When it comes to the candidate experience, the employee experience and the employer brand, a strong identity that gives meaning, a personalised approach and, why not, a dose of originality are all required. This is what makes an exceptional HR site.

Put yourself in the shoes of candidates and employees. How can you convince them if your site and your competitors look like twins, if your speech sounds commonplace and rehashed or if the proposed experience feels like an entrance exam? Showing originality and authenticity is bar far the best way to convince but also to avoid disappointment on both sides.

Whether it is a question of recruitment or talent management, the first selection comes from the individuals, not from the company. Offer a dull image, confine yourself to “standard” content and you will have a majority of candidates who are not very selective and too often not very motivated. Neglect usability, forget that a career change raises hundreds of questions that deserve quality answers and your employees will shun your HR portal.

To make your HR site the vector of a successful digital transformation we offer a unique combination of multiple expertises in the field of HR as well as in technology, design, marketing and content production.

Did we get your attention?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that Resourcelab has to offer and / or discuss whether this is the best choice for your organization and wishes? Please contact us via the button below. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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