Recruitment CMS

We specialize ourselves in:

Developing conversion-driven working and recruitment websites.

Our development team designs and builds the coolest websites for this. Of course we always do this with the recruitment CMS Serena. CMS Serena contains all the necessary functionalities to make a good working at / recruitment site.
These are arranged in such a way that it is easy for the candidates to find all the information they are looking for and to leave their details.

Recruitment marketing campaigns

By using job board marketing, social media marketing and Google Ads, we ensure that the right target group is addressed. The target? The right conversion for the customer's vacancies. By having insight into all relevant data and statistics, we know exactly where they come from, what they cost and how to make them move.

The recruitment CMS Serena

All valuable online recruitment tools you need to enrich your website can be found in our CMS Serena. This way you can easily adjust content yourself, create unlimited landing pages and properly exhibit your employerbrands online. For example, add blogs, testimonials, FAQ or visual application procedures to give your candidates even more feeling for your organization.

Do you want to go next level? We can integrate with many external recruitment tools, such as a recruitment chatbot, podcasts, 360-degree experiences or a tool that matches the candidate based on culture. This is how we make CMS Serena the beating heart of your recruitment process.

OTYS & Getnoticed & CMS Serena: ultimate collaboration

Linking our websites to OTYS ensures that applicants are set directly into the customer's ATS and much more. The link between a Getnoticed website and OTYS is two-way traffic. The vacancies are posted in the ATS and automatically appear on the working-at website. The applicants respond to the careers website and automatically enter the ATS. In addition to this basic functionality, the link contains unique extras.

Ease of use for recruitment is one, keeping data safe in a central location is two.

So a top-notch collaboration!

Want to learn more about the options Getnoticed has to offer and / or discuss whether this is the best choice for your organization and requirements. Please contact us via the button below. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


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