TUNIX Digital Security


Secure access to information is crucial in our current digital society. Security relying solely on a name and password has been proven to be a source of many successful hacking attempts, compromising the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. Therefore, the addition of two-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) is always recommended.

TUNIX offers an user-friendly 2FA service with the TUNIX/Authenticatie Service. The use of an app ensures unmatched user-friendliness. The setup distributed across multiple data centers guarantees optimal availability. Our ISO certification and GDPR-compliant approach ensure that your information does not leave Europe through TUNIX.

How do TUNIX & OTYS relate?

Security of an application is often represented by the CIA triangle. The components are Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. The SaaS application of OTYS secures this triangle by providing every user the option to add two-way verification (2FA) with the user-friendly TUNIX/KeyApp to access security.

By activating 2FA, the non-repudiation of your login action is guaranteed. No one else but you can log in with your credentials, even if someone gains access to your name and password in some way.

Many 2FA methods involve entering codes manually. With the TUNIX/KeyApp, you can access OTYS applications by approving login with a single keystroke. If your phone supports it, this can even be done with a fingerprint or facial recognition.

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