In 2019, theMatchBox launched 360Match, a robust search and matching engine to increase revenue and save time for HR professionals. In a short period, theMatchBox has become the new benchmark in the field of semantic job search on job boards (, candidate search (, assisted matching, and automated matching. This can also be integrated with services such as the VDAB CV service. The success of theMatchBox lies in the high precision and comprehensiveness of the matches. This quality is essential for genuinely digitizing processes.

Automated & Assisted Matching

OTYS users utilize the assisted module to quickly find suitable candidates for a vacancy. Unique to this approach is that the OTYS user can intervene in real-time in the matching process and assign their own weights to matching aspects.

For automated matching, we collaborate with OTYS clients to automatically create matches for candidates or vacancies in OTYS. The typical customization ensures that we can tailor these completely to your needs.

SimpleRecruiter (sourcing candidates)

With the help of our partner NIXZ, you can easily source candidates using the SimpleRecruiter. The SimpleRecruiter is a browser plug-in developed by NIXZ, allowing you to analyze candidates on LinkedIn and add them to OTYS. Thanks to theMatchBox, SimpleRecruiter users can see how well the candidate matches with vacancies in OTYS before adding them to the system. theMatchBox performs real-time matching of the LinkedIn profile with your OTYS vacancies and provides all matching details. This brings significant efficiency gains for every OTYS client, helping you win the War for Talent.

Virtual Sales Recruiter (lead generation)

Together with our partner Jobdigger, theMatchBox has developed the Virtual Sales Recruiter. With this tool, a recruiter can match candidates with all vacancies in OTYS and those externally posted in Belgium, the Netherlands, or France. Thanks to this integration with Jobdigger Insights, we automate your matching and lead generation processes, resulting in significant time savings and additional revenue.

theMatchBox solutions:

  • Job search for your website.
  • Candidate search throughout your candidates.
  • Assisted Matching for improved matching within OTYS.
  • Automated Matching.

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