SelfBilling is a provider of intelligent invoicing solutions. Smart solutions for companies and organizations that work with freelancers, temporary workers, or volunteers. Our modules truly organize the external layer of your organization in your administration!

Companies that frequently engage with temporary workers and independent contractors often encounter similar issues: incorrect purchase invoices, inaccurate time declarations, and a general lack of overview and control. SelfBilling offers a solution for these challenges.

Firstly, SelfBilling reverses the invoicing and validation process: only after the client or intermediary approves the time accountability can invoicing take place. Secondly, SelfBilling automates the invoicing process: once approval is granted, invoices are generated in the name of the recipient. This practice is known as self-billing, also referred to as reversed billing. Consequently, the recipient gains control and will no longer receive incorrect purchase invoices.

SelfBilling offers various modules, including a self-billing module, an intermediation model module (purchase – sale with margin), or a three-party module (invoice from supplier directly to customer, commission note to customer and/or supplier).

About the integration with OTYS

Many companies rely on a flexible workforce. In this context, OTYS provides a solution. However, even after a candidate is placed within a company, there are practical matters between the two parties that need to be settled. Consider invoicing for worked hours and declared expenses.

This is where SelfBilling's software becomes the missing link. The candidate, the client, the placement, and the agreed-upon rate are entered into the software. Subsequently, the candidate fills in the worked hours and the client approves them. Based on this, the software ultimately generates and sends the corresponding invoices. This applies to the entire external layer. Automated, streamlined, and optimized.

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