Recruit Robin


Users of Recruit Robin create a search query to indicate the specific candidate they are seeking, with the option to include additional hard requirements alongside the job profile. Using this information, the software begins its search for suitable candidates.

These candidates are sourced from various online databases, undergo a pre-screening process, and the most fitting profiles are then presented as a shortlist to the user. The user can directly approach these candidates using their contact information, which the software proactively identifies.

This approach makes sourcing more effective, flexible, accessible, and it also saves time.

With the Nixz robot, we can easily search various platforms, allowing us to continue our continuous recruitment for production roles. In combination with the Recruit Robin tool, which we use for hiring higher-level positions, we attract a variety of candidates. By combining Recruit Robin and Nixz, we can cover the entire candidate market and easily bring in the right candidates.

Maarten Beember - DDD Personeel

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