Rankdata consists of a small dedicated team of enthusiasts who specialize in developing (WordPress) websites, apps, and software.

For the past few years, Rankdata has been doing this with great pleasure exclusively for the labor market industry. They are eager to collaborate with the specific needs of entrepreneurs within this sector. At Rankdata, they understand better than anyone else that a website is immensely important within labor market mediation.

You want to engage your candidates, get them excited about the available job vacancies, and encourage them to register. Often, various integrations need to be established, such as with OTYS. Rankdata is more than willing to connect existing or new websites with the OTYS WordPress plugin. Rankdata thrives on creating ultra-fast websites that fulfill their intended purposes. They strive to apply as much automation as possible to save you, the labor market entrepreneur, valuable time.

They always kick off a project with a series of targeted questions. For instance, what's the underlying goal of the website, and which specific candidate audience are they aiming to attract? Soon after, they produce a concept design, which serves as a foundation for collaborative efforts. Their aim is, of course, to hit the mark, and this is achieved through maintaining close communication and efficient channels.

Rankdata's Process

If you're excited to initiate a new project, the steps at Rankdata unfold as follows:

  1. Schedule a phone call with Ruben.
  2. Together, you and Ruben assess the desires and possibilities.
  3. Rankdata drafts a quote, which you can accept online.
  4. Rankdata commences the project and provides a clear briefing.
  5. You maintain direct communication with your account manager and through an established chatroom.

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