OnRecruit is an international, data-driven organization with a background in e-commerce and a passion for recruitment. Our mission is to build successful candidate journeys with you and measure them.

Insight into Your Entire Business

We assist you and your team in gaining insight into your recruitment standing, the expected outcomes, and what you require to achieve your recruitment and business objectives.

By providing dashboards that utilize your various (recruitment) data sources, you gain insight into metrics such as the number of placements/revenue currently in your pipeline, the marketing and sourcing channels yielding placements, thus determining your ROI per channel, and identifying bottlenecks in the recruitment process.

We make your recruitment data work!

OTYS & OnRecruit

OnRecruit combines data from your website, OTYS, email marketing, and back office. This way, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of your recruitment activities. For instance, costs, revenue, and ROI per hire per recruitment marketing channel can be visualized through various attribution models. Furthermore, OnRecruit can assist you in setting up the necessary dashboards and reports to achieve your recruitment objectives.

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