Happy Recruiter / Dora


OTYS and Dora, the recruitment robot, join forces to provide a solution to one of the greatest challenges faced by companies: attracting the right candidate at the right time!

Candidates spend a significant amount of time in the digital world, where they've learned to navigate quickly and access information rapidly. Companies need to adapt to this new speed. Candidates become frustrated when they don't receive (timely) feedback from recruiters after applying. Recruiters, in turn, get frustrated when candidates don't respond to notifications, emails, or calls. 

Dora, the recruitment robot, was developed by Happy Recruiter to initiate the first contact with a candidate.

Dora can be set up from OTYS within minutes and mimics the behavior of a recruiter: searching, screening, and maintaining candidate interactions. In a friendly and interactive manner, Dora can communicate with candidates. The robot asks questions predetermined by a recruiter and can create shortlists of candidates, allowing recruiters to add the human touch to conversations afterward.

With Dora, companies can maximize their potential candidates by allowing Dora to engage in (initial) conversations with all interested candidates. This creates an almost automatic sense of trust, as candidates receive responses at all times. This leads to time savings in the recruitment process, as well as an increase in placed candidates!

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