Diplomas, professional qualifications, and identity information verified within minutes. With Otentica, you automate pre-employment screening across all sectors.

What is pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening, in short, is a background check on job applicants and existing employees. The purpose of pre-employment screening is to assess and verify the suitability and reliability of candidates, as well as to minimize risks related to fraud, theft, security, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Why screen with Otentica?

Research shows that job applicants often present falsehoods to improve their chances, ranging from embellishing resumes to serious fraud involving diplomas, identity, and professional qualifications. Because companies find it challenging to assess this risk, thorough pre-employment screening is essential to detect misconduct. With Otentica, not only is the onboarding time for new candidates reduced, but the 'candidate experience' is also optimized through a fully digital, simple, and user-friendly approach.

Through Otentica, various details of the applicant are requested and verified, including:

  • ID information (passport, driver's license, etc.)
  • Verification of education and diplomas (DUO)
  • Professional qualifications
  • Banking information
  • Company details (Chamber of Commerce & VAT)
  • Criminal history (Certificate of Good Conduct)

For whom?

Otentica is the ultimate screening solution for any organization. Regardless of the sector, Otentica can be used to thoroughly check personnel. In addition to screening potential candidates, it may be interesting to screen current employees in the case of job changes, organizational changes such as mergers, changed personal situations, and new regulations. This way, you can identify risk factors and keep personnel records up-to-date.

About the integration

The integration with Otentica enables OTYS customers to screen (future) personnel from within their own OTYS environment. This increases efficiency, ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and prevents information from being fragmented throughout an organization (GDPR).

The Foundation for Retail Fraud Prevention (FAD) is the independent supervisor and administrator of the Warning Register.

The Selection Lab provides powerful assessment software: smart, accessible, time-saving, and service-oriented. Through their assessments, you can easily and quickly determine which applicants best fit your organization.

OTYS & The Selection Lab
Integration Through OTYS, an assessment can easily be sent to a candidate from your own environment. The report is then automatically added to the candidate's file. This report is understandable for everyone, even without training, but questions can always be asked via email or phone.

The assessment measures 19 competencies and 3 types of intelligence that are relevant for a wide range of positions. The assessment takes a candidate only about 45 minutes to complete and can be done via phone, tablet, or desktop.

What do customers say about The Selection Lab?

In 2019, theMatchBox launched 360Match, a robust search and matching engine to increase revenue and save time for HR professionals. In a short period, theMatchBox has become the new benchmark in the field of semantic job search on job boards (jobat.be), candidate search (jellow.nl), assisted matching, and automated matching. This can also be integrated with services such as the VDAB CV service. The success of theMatchBox lies in the high precision and comprehensiveness of the matches. This quality is essential for genuinely digitizing processes.

Automated & Assisted Matching

OTYS users utilize the assisted module to quickly find suitable candidates for a vacancy. Unique to this approach is that the OTYS user can intervene in real-time in the matching process and assign their own weights to matching aspects.

For automated matching, we collaborate with OTYS clients to automatically create matches for candidates or vacancies in OTYS. The typical customization ensures that we can tailor these completely to your needs.

SimpleRecruiter (sourcing candidates)

With the help of our partner NIXZ, you can easily source candidates using the SimpleRecruiter. The SimpleRecruiter is a browser plug-in developed by NIXZ, allowing you to analyze candidates on LinkedIn and add them to OTYS. Thanks to theMatchBox, SimpleRecruiter users can see how well the candidate matches with vacancies in OTYS before adding them to the system. theMatchBox performs real-time matching of the LinkedIn profile with your OTYS vacancies and provides all matching details. This brings significant efficiency gains for every OTYS client, helping you win the War for Talent.

Virtual Sales Recruiter (lead generation)

Together with our partner Jobdigger, theMatchBox has developed the Virtual Sales Recruiter. With this tool, a recruiter can match candidates with all vacancies in OTYS and those externally posted in Belgium, the Netherlands, or France. Thanks to this integration with Jobdigger Insights, we automate your matching and lead generation processes, resulting in significant time savings and additional revenue.

theMatchBox solutions:

  • Job search for your website.
  • Candidate search throughout your candidates.
  • Assisted Matching for improved matching within OTYS.
  • Automated Matching.

Stiply is a solution for digitally signing all your documents. This way, everyone can easily, securely, and legally place their signature online.

Stiply is simple software that allows you to electronically sign your documents online. Your customer signs on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, eliminating the need for a printer.

OTYS has full integration with Stiply, enabling you to have all your documents legally signed directly from the OTYS platform. This can be done by candidates, clients, or purchasers of products through the webshop.

Benefits of Stiply & OTYS

  • Full integration with Stiply, eliminating the need to leave the OTYS system.
  • Easily add a digital signature to all your standard documents. In OTYS, you can automate the sending of your documents as PDFs.
  • Save valuable time and unnecessary steps by automating your desired workflow triggers. For instance, based on a change in procedure status.
  • There is also a Stiply widget available in OTYS, allowing you to see at a glance which documents have been signed and which ones have not.