NIXZ is a flexible robot that you control from OTYS. For example, NIXZ can find and approach candidates through various websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Monsterboard.

Hi, I am NIXZ, your personal robot assistant. You can let me do all kinds of jobs for you through OTYS. I search for candidates on various websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, MonsterBoard and Nationale Vacaturebank. I put these candidates neatly into OTYS for you. I can also retrieve vacancies from websites, client portals and Vendor Management Systems (VMSs). And put them directly into OTYS for you. Basically, I can do anything you teach me, so: how can I help you?

Benefits of NIXZ & OTYS

  • I monitor your client's website(s), portals and VMSs and automatically enter relevant new vacancies into OTYS for you. As a result, you are always the first to know if something is going on at your client and you no longer have to type in vacancies yourself.
  • I do all the candidate search work for you. I search all the sites you think your suitable candidate is on. I am not only active on LinkedIn, but also on job boards such as MonsterBoard, Nationale Vacaturebank, Indeed and Wherever there is a CV, I can search for you.
  • From a vacancy in OTYS you can instruct me to look for suitable candidates. I find them online and automatically link these found candidates to the vacancies. That's what I call targeted recruitment.
  • I can do much more than just search for candidates. For example, I can automatically contact all found candidates via LinkedIn and Indeed and send personalized messages to them.
  • I'm completely manageable from within your OTYS environment. Create a search within LinkedIn (or Monsterboard, or National Job Board, etc.), activate it in OTYS and I'll start working for you in the background.

I can now find candidates faster and in greater numbers with NIXZ. Contact with candidates has become much more pleasant and productive now.

Anja Veldhuizen | Jobco Support

With NIXZ, we are now truly first on the market and first to have a list of suitable candidates.

Pien van der Kamp | Caesar SharedFlex