In labor mediation, digital work has been the standard for years. Automation became a logical consequence. There is no longer talk of digitizing data, but rather of the recruiter journey, the candidate journey, workflows, and API integrations.

What it comes down to is that as a recruiter, you have a significant challenge to use and leverage various applications intelligently. The journey a candidate takes is crucial for the right timing to make contact. For this, you need the right data and overviews. If you manage to maintain an overview and achieve success, you derive satisfaction from your work as a recruiter.

To facilitate the perfect recruiter journey and candidate journey, XA Flow and OTYS are jointly developing smart workflows and software integrations. We call these integrations 'automations.' These automations allow all your applications to work optimally together, ensuring that you, as a recruiter, always have the right data and overviews. This also prevents repetitive data entry tasks, saves costs, and allows you to focus on your core activities.

Due to the extensive integration possibilities with OTYS Go!, the opportunities are unprecedented. In this regard, OTYS is ahead of the market, and that is why we are especially proud of our partnership with OTYS.

Some examples of the automations we have developed together:

  • Full integration between OTYS Go! and various ERP systems such as AFAS, Exact, SAP, and Microsoft.
  • Integrations with planning and time registration systems such as Asana, Plan4Fleks, Clockify, and Fleks. Connect OTYS Go! with your Marketing Automation Tools such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Rate Card, Facebook, and SharpSpring.
  • Automatic communication via WhatsApp, SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, and personalized landing pages.
  • Automatically keep your CRM up-to-date and enrich it through links with the Chamber of Commerce, Datacollectief, FullContact, and LinkedIn.
  • Links with HRM systems such as ADP, AFAS HRM, Visma, and Youforce.
  • Automated Candidate Journeys, overviews, and reminder emails.

The Selection Lab provides powerful assessment software: smart, accessible, time-saving, and service-oriented. Through their assessments, you can easily and quickly determine which applicants best fit your organization.

OTYS & The Selection Lab
Integration Through OTYS, an assessment can easily be sent to a candidate from your own environment. The report is then automatically added to the candidate's file. This report is understandable for everyone, even without training, but questions can always be asked via email or phone.

The assessment measures 19 competencies and 3 types of intelligence that are relevant for a wide range of positions. The assessment takes a candidate only about 45 minutes to complete and can be done via phone, tablet, or desktop.

What do customers say about The Selection Lab?

Are you looking for ways to attract more and better candidates while simultaneously saving time in the sourcing process?

Talentir can assist you with this. We offer solutions in the realm of Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, Tech & Tools to digitize your recruitment and hiring process.

What is Digital Talent Acquisition?

Digital Talent Acquisition involves various activities such as enhancing the visibility of your employer brand, increasing interactions with candidates, and placing candidates. By executing these activities in the right manner, you can cut costs and enhance the value of your candidates.

At Talentir, we help OTYS users leverage Digital Talent Acquisition to the fullest. We've developed our own models to customize and implement Digital Talent Acquisition for Employers and Agencies, making our approach unique and data-driven.

This includes:

  • Utilizing Recruitment Marketing Automation in conjunction with the OTYS ATS.
  • Mapping and translating employer branding to the website.
  • Intelligent recruitment campaigns across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Linkedin, Github, TikTok, etc.
  • Designing and setting up (job vacancy or careers) websites.
  • Identifying and engaging the right target audience.
  • Analyzing and optimizing campaign data.

Measurement is Knowledge

Do you want to not only receive more candidates but more importantly, receive higher quality candidates?

Then Talentir is your partner. Effective use of OTYS is essential to measure quality. After all, measurement leads to knowledge, right?

By effectively utilizing OTYS based on Talentir's advice, you're continuously informed about the recruitment/marketing data you desire, including:

  • Number of applicants per media channel.
  • Number of conversions per media channel.
  • Insights into 'Source of Hire.'
  • Insights and reduction of 'Cost per hire/applicant.'

Why Choose OTYS Partner?

One of the founders of Talentir is a former employee of OTYS, which means Talentir possesses extensive knowledge and experience about the capabilities of OTYS software.

This offers several advantages for you as an OTYS user:

  • Talentir understands the challenges faced by Agencies and HR like no other. Talentir is well-versed in the functionalities of OTYS.
  • Talentir is happy to advise you about OTYS's partner landscape.
  • Quick onboarding: Marketing and recruitment data becomes visible in OTYS in a short time.
  • With Talentir, answers about the use of OTYS are always close at hand!

Ahoy! We design, build, host, and maintain custom WordPress websites.

Stuurlui consists of an experienced crew of 26 members. We're small enough to be agile and quick to adapt, yet large enough to have specialists in every field. We work for clients such as Tilburg University, Strukton, Heineken, Shell, Action, Kwekkeboom, Miele, The Hague Municipality, Utrecht Municipality, and the Jaarbeurs.

In the recruitment market, we possess significant expertise in ATS integrations with WordPress, including with OTYS. Some of our recruitment clients include Manpower Group, Top of Minds, Aethon, AB Werkt, Samen Professionals, Jobdrive, UBN Staffing Agency, Loyens en Loeff (career website), and SchaalX.

Together with OTYS, we've developed a website solution seamlessly integrated with OTYS, incorporating all the latest online recruitment trends. Within this website, you have the freedom to modify all the content yourself. The website can go live within 2 weeks and will be fully developed in your branding. Stuurlui handles all technical maintenance, allowing you to fully focus on marketing. Interested? Contact us using the contact information.

What is it?

The Solid Online Connector is a coupling platform that integrates software systems. This eliminates the need for manual data entry or importing Excel lists. The Connector acts as an intermediary layer that ensures software systems understand each other. Data flows seamlessly to customers, suppliers, internal applications, and, if desired, back again.

What does it do?

The Solid Online Connector ensures fast and error-free data transfer between software systems. All common software packages in the staffing industry are connected to the Connector's ecosystem. Solid Online knows what it takes to effectively exchange data between these systems. Communication between the systems is configured, and the translation is set in the mapping module. This ensures accurate data transfer for further processing. Maintenance of the connection is handled by Solid Online. If something changes within a software package, the connection remains automatically up to date. This makes a Connector connection scalable and future-proof. The Solid Online ecosystem is continually expanding.

What problem does it solve?

With the Solid Online Connector, data is processed quickly. Because all necessary data is placed directly in the right location within the linked system, your internal processes run optimally. Additionally, the Connector ensures high data quality. It keeps your data up to date in both systems, eliminating errors and costly correction processes. Finally, the Connector reduces the need for manual work. Thanks to efficient automatic data transfer, repetitive tasks become unnecessary, and work satisfaction is increased.

USPs of Solid Online:

  • Best of Breed - All your different software packages fully automated on one platform.
  • Synchronous Data - The Connector keeps your data up to date and correct in every package, errors and discrepancies are a thing of the past.
  • Compatible - The Connector is compatible with messaging standards like SETU, UBL, HR-XML, and complies with GDPR/AVG guidelines.
  • Software as a Service - The Connector runs in the Netherlands on the Microsoft Azure cloud and can be integrated with Single Sign-On.
  • Cost-Saving - No more manual data entry or expensive interface development. The Connector puts an end to high IT customizations and project costs.

How does it work in combination with OTYS?

Does your company use OTYS in combination with one or more other software applications? With the Solid Online Connector, new data or changes only need to be updated in one system. Afterward, they are automatically reflected in all other relevant systems used in your company.


The Solid Online Connector is available in 5 different subscriptions, starting from the entry-level "Get Started" to the most comprehensive "Enterprise" variant. Solid Online is happy to advise on which subscription best suits your company.

  • Get Started - Entry-level connection for staffing and recruitment agencies
  • Standard - Significant reduction in administrative burden through standard system integration
  • Professional - Optimal efficiency with seamless integration into the workflow
  • Ultimate - Five two-way integrations, fully tailored with intensive guidance
  • Enterprise - Self-service Connector for customers and partners

Other services

  • Data Migration: Accurately transfer data to your new system Hours
  • Transformer: Quickly import, dissect, and process hour files
  • Invoice Transformer: Customize and send customer-specific invoices