Joboti builds smart recruitment solutions, including chatbots and WhatsApp integrations for OTYS. The combination of a chatbot and a WhatsApp integration ensures 24/7 accessibility, leading our clients to achieve higher conversion rates and more candidate touchpoints.

Faster Candidate Contact with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the quickest communication channel during the recruitment process. Joboti provides WhatsApp recruitment solutions throughout your entire candidate journey. You initiate all WhatsApp conversations directly from OTYS, one-on-one or with multiple candidates simultaneously.

Our WhatsApp Smart Inbox was awarded "Best Tool" by Recruitment Tech in November 2022.

The most powerful solution for candidate engagement

  • WhatsApp Smart Inbox allows you to directly communicate with candidates and contacts via OTYS and the OTYS on the GO! app, with all conversations automatically saved.
  • With Joboti's WhatsApp feature, you can send messages to multiple candidates at once or send messages automatically at times of your choosing. For example, to ask candidates if they're available or interested in a specific vacancy.
  • All WhatsApp conversations can be taken over and shared, ensuring you're always informed, even if a colleague is sick or on leave.
  • All WhatsApp communication is stored in compliance with GDPR in OTYS.

WhatsApp Solutions for a Successful Recruitment Process

Currently, more than half of candidate communication occurs through WhatsApp. And these conversations often revolve not just around the candidate's vacation or weekend plans, but primarily about scheduling interviews, potential earnings, and start dates. This is incredibly valuable information that currently resides solely on the recruiter's phone. By logging into OTYS, you're automatically connected to our WhatsApp Inbox, sending and receiving WhatsApp messages directly in OTYS. Fully compliant with GDPR.

And that's not all. Want to know when your candidates are available, send a job alert, or initiate preselection for a vacancy? With Joboti's WhatsApp feature, you can send messages to multiple candidates simultaneously or send messages automatically at times of your choosing. Joboti's virtual assistant responds and records answers as usable data in OTYS. Convenient and fast.

About Joboti

Despite our daily involvement with robots, code, and software, we've managed to remain very human. With a team of fourteen individuals from diverse cultures, we work tirelessly each day to create WhatsApp solutions that allow our clients to connect with candidates more swiftly.

We're more than happy to tell you more about Joboti and the people within our company.