With the NIXZ Plugin, you link LinkedIn and OTYS. The plugin appears automatically when you need it. When you look at a candidate profile, you can see the candidate profile in OTYS right away. Is a candidate not yet in OTYS? Add the candidate with 1 click. With the plugin you also edit the candidate’s match criteria and applications.

You can also use the this plugin to update your CRM.

NIXZ Plugin works with all different versions of LinkedIn and Xing.

Benefits of the NIXZ Plugin

With NIXZ Kandido you will find more candidates faster. Kandido automates your work on LinkedIn: easily download your entire LinkedIn project to OTYS, automatically send connection requests and chat messages to your target audience and collect followers for your LinkedIn company page. Also use this tool to retrieve interesting candidates for you from your werk.nl, nationale vacaturebank, jobbird or uitzendbureau.nl environment.

All interesting candidates automatically show up in OTYS, including the right match criteria and a link to the vacancy.

In order to call candidates immediately, you can use NIXZ Contact credits. This way you can speak to each candidate as soon as possible.

Benefits of NIXZ Kandido

Users of Recruit Robin create a search query to indicate the specific candidate they are seeking, with the option to include additional hard requirements alongside the job profile. Using this information, the software begins its search for suitable candidates.

These candidates are sourced from various online databases, undergo a pre-screening process, and the most fitting profiles are then presented as a shortlist to the user. The user can directly approach these candidates using their contact information, which the software proactively identifies.

This approach makes sourcing more effective, flexible, accessible, and it also saves time.