Spryng provides SMS services worldwide to businesses and institutions across all imaginable sectors. With our services, you can communicate quickly and securely with your customers and employees. This optimizes processes, saves costs, and enhances satisfaction among relationships and staff. It's simple, with just one SMS API.

How is business SMS used?

As an SMS provider, Spryng delivers fast and secure communication solutions for the business market. Think, for example, of an SMS about the delivery of an order, a doctor's appointment reminder, or an SMS code for secure login. By sending relevant information to the right person at the right time, we make processes more efficient, prevent unnecessary costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. We work for both small organizations and large corporations, where sometimes millions of SMS messages need to be sent simultaneously (bulk SMS).

The benefits of SMS for OTYS

The collaboration between OTYS and Spryng is diverse as SMS is used by OTYS in many ways. A few examples:

  • To confirm an appointment or as a reminder (appointment reminder).
  • For secure login (via authentication messages).
  • To send an alert, e.g. about items to bring along.
  • To notify someone that a service has been canceled.
  • For the automatic scheduling of personnel. Employees receive an SMS message like "Do you want to work tomorrow?". Those who reply with 'Yes' are automatically scheduled.

The numerous applications of SMS result in streamlined communication with different target audiences at OTYS. Fast and secure, with the simple SMS API from Spryng.