Actonomy stands for innovative solutions in text extraction and semantic search and matching solutions. With Actonomy, you extract crucial information from a job vacancy or CV, make the best matches, and search within your own system, on social media, and on external job sites. Actonomy is the engine in OTYS for searching, automated matching, and searching in external sources.

The collaboration between OTYS and Actonomy dates back to 2001. OTYS was in search of Matching Technology that went even further, and ultimately chose Actonomy as a partner. Read the entire story here! For instance, Actonomy enables the semantic search feature of OTYS. Opting for OTYS Go! also means choosing Actonomy, as the technology is fully integrated.

In addition to the integrated semantic search and matching solution offered through OTYS, there's also the new add-on from Actonomy based on the latest AI-based solution that was introduced to the market in 2020. With this solution, Actonomy is setting the new standard in the field of matching solutions.

The plug-in not only represents a highly flexible matching platform (assisted matching) – a user can define their settings themselves – but also allows for using comprehensive candidate information in the matching process. The result, which can be interactively adjusted by the user, provides all the details necessary for making a transparent decision about how suitable a candidate is for a job.

In addition to quality matching, the plug-in offers a multitude of unique possibilities:

  • Automated matching, or the ability to automatically calculate matches and inform both consultants and candidates about new matches.
  • Integration with soft skills assessment via Traicie, providing an immediate overview of both the hard match and the soft skills match.
  • Direct integration with workflow and chatbot solutions like Joboti.
  • Integrated Lead Generation in combination with Europe's largest provider of market information – Index/Advertsdata.
  • Direct search and match capabilities in external sources such as VDAB.

The intelligent plug-in solution can be easily customized to meet your needs through tailor-made adjustments, and numerous integrations are possible, such as integrating with your website for even better search results for candidates. Get in touch with us, and we'll collaborate to achieve a better digital transformation and automation of your recruitment process!