Referral is the most effective, cost-efficient, and fastest way of recruiting quality candidates. However, you need to activate and facilitate your people. That's what The Referral Company does.

We map out the motivating factors for your organization, so we precisely understand why and for what your employees are referring new candidates. For one organization, it might be for a pat on the back, while for another, it's about pure cash. Customization is thus crucial for your referral program. You can't just launch it and wait for candidates. The key to success is activation. That's exactly what we guide your organization through for at least 6 months! It's all about connection!

The Referral Company & OTYS

Together with OTYS, we ensure excellent administrative handling of your referral program. You want to keep your referrers informed at all times, keep motivating them to contribute ideas to your organization, and enable them to easily convey the recruitment message within their network.