The Next Crowd, a label under Getnoticed, specializes in online recruitment and has developed its own formula consisting of a combination of product and service. The product is the temporary "Work-at" site (a dedicated template developed specifically for this purpose). We use this site to optimize the service (marketing support and traffic procurement), aiming to generate higher conversion rates. This combination, coupled with the expertise of our marketers, has proven successful across many industries.

As a label under Getnoticed, The Next Crowd has developed an online recruitment formula consisting of a combination of product and service.

"Work-at" website live within 72 hours

The product is the "Work-at" site. This site serves as a representative business card. Unlike the corporate website, the organization is presented as an employer on the "Work-at" site. The Next Crowd's marketers manage all campaigns from this online environment and ensure a higher influx of candidates online. Vacancies are posted on around 20 job search engines (job boards) we collaborate with. Additionally, The Next Crowd handles marketing campaigns and strategically procures traffic from various sources. The Next Crowd takes over the entire online recruitment process.

With OTYS as a partner for ATS integrations, we can provide even better guidance to our clients. It's a great collaboration!

Ahoy! We design, build, host, and maintain custom WordPress websites.

Stuurlui consists of an experienced crew of 26 members. We're small enough to be agile and quick to adapt, yet large enough to have specialists in every field. We work for clients such as Tilburg University, Strukton, Heineken, Shell, Action, Kwekkeboom, Miele, The Hague Municipality, Utrecht Municipality, and the Jaarbeurs.

In the recruitment market, we possess significant expertise in ATS integrations with WordPress, including with OTYS. Some of our recruitment clients include Manpower Group, Top of Minds, Aethon, AB Werkt, Samen Professionals, Jobdrive, UBN Staffing Agency, Loyens en Loeff (career website), and SchaalX.

Together with OTYS, we've developed a website solution seamlessly integrated with OTYS, incorporating all the latest online recruitment trends. Within this website, you have the freedom to modify all the content yourself. The website can go live within 2 weeks and will be fully developed in your branding. Stuurlui handles all technical maintenance, allowing you to fully focus on marketing. Interested? Contact us using the contact information.

Since 2009, Getnoticed has been the Digital Recruitment Agency of the Netherlands. "What do you do?" is a question we often receive. In essence, it's quite simple: we're online recruitment enthusiasts, and we assist our clients with two things: reach and conversion. Our online recruitment marketers identify, engage, and activate the target audience you need. Our web developers create the ultimate careers or recruitment website to prompt your audience to respond. This has been our expertise since 2009.

Services offered by Getnoticed

We specialize in two types of services: recruitment marketing and recruitment tech. By utilizing strategies such as job board marketing, social media marketing, and Google Ads, we ensure that the right target audience is reached. The goal? Achieving the right conversions for the client's job openings. By having insights into all relevant data and statistics, we precisely understand their origins, costs, and how to motivate them.

Ultimately, the target audience should land on a careers or recruitment site to convert, in other words, to apply. For this purpose, our development team builds the most impressive websites. These are designed to make it easy for users to find all the information they're seeking and ultimately submit their details. And now, we've reached the point where Getnoticed hands off to OTYS.

OTYS & Getnoticed: The Ultimate Collaboration

By integrating our websites with OTYS, applicants are seamlessly directed into the client's ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Enhancing recruitment usability is one aspect, securely storing data in a central location is another. Moreover, the connection between one of our careers sites and OTYS operates as a two-way street. Vacancies are posted in the ATS and automatically appear on the careers website. Applicants respond on the careers website, and their information is automatically collected in the ATS. It's a fantastic collaboration!

With Booston, you retain complete control over your recruitment marketing challenges. From a central environment (OTYS), you can publish your job vacancy across all desired channels with a single click, wherever you want to post it – be it on a job board, recruitment website, or social media advertisement. All candidates responding to these vacancies are centralized within OTYS.

Booston is integrated with OTYS, ensuring continuous synchronization of candidates and job vacancies. From the central OTYS environment, a job vacancy can be published across multiple channels with just one click. Our intelligent marketing software modules can also be taken modularly.


From OTYS, you can publish a job vacancy with one click on a network of dozens of job boards (both organic and CPC). We have already connected the best-performing job boards for you, but we maintain an 'open' job board system where other channels can also be easily added.


We automatically turn every job vacancy created in OTYS into a social media advertisement (including targeting and content). This advertisement module can be fully customized for each job vacancy, while remaining intelligently automated. When candidates show interest in the ad, they are directly integrated into OTYS.


Based on your preferences, we create a beautiful website equipped with all the necessary techniques, functionalities, and design options for the recruitment world. Unlimited multilingual capabilities are possible. Job vacancies posted in OTYS automatically appear on this website.

As a customer, you'll have full access to the CMS, granting you the ability to adjust the website as needed. An example of the capabilities of the Booston Website can be found at We're happy to showcase multiple examples of existing websites during an online demo.


Whether you utilize an OTYS environment or the Booston CMS, we ensure that all your job vacancies are Google for Jobs ready and properly indexable.


comprehensive reporting module where, in addition to the 'normal' campaign statistics, we provide insight into source-to-placement statistics. This allows us to precisely demonstrate which marketing channels have yielded the most placements.


Vacancy marketing support that involves ongoing analysis, evaluation, and optimization of campaigns in collaboration with our customers and Booston's recruitment marketing specialists.

Rankdata consists of a small dedicated team of enthusiasts who specialize in developing (WordPress) websites, apps, and software.

For the past few years, Rankdata has been doing this with great pleasure exclusively for the labor market industry. They are eager to collaborate with the specific needs of entrepreneurs within this sector. At Rankdata, they understand better than anyone else that a website is immensely important within labor market mediation.

You want to engage your candidates, get them excited about the available job vacancies, and encourage them to register. Often, various integrations need to be established, such as with OTYS. Rankdata is more than willing to connect existing or new websites with the OTYS WordPress plugin. Rankdata thrives on creating ultra-fast websites that fulfill their intended purposes. They strive to apply as much automation as possible to save you, the labor market entrepreneur, valuable time.

They always kick off a project with a series of targeted questions. For instance, what's the underlying goal of the website, and which specific candidate audience are they aiming to attract? Soon after, they produce a concept design, which serves as a foundation for collaborative efforts. Their aim is, of course, to hit the mark, and this is achieved through maintaining close communication and efficient channels.

Rankdata's Process

If you're excited to initiate a new project, the steps at Rankdata unfold as follows:

  1. Schedule a phone call with Ruben.
  2. Together, you and Ruben assess the desires and possibilities.
  3. Rankdata drafts a quote, which you can accept online.
  4. Rankdata commences the project and provides a clear briefing.
  5. You maintain direct communication with your account manager and through an established chatroom.