OnRecruit is an international, data-driven organization with a background in e-commerce and a passion for recruitment. Our mission is to build successful candidate journeys with you and measure them.

Insight into Your Entire Business

We assist you and your team in gaining insight into your recruitment standing, the expected outcomes, and what you require to achieve your recruitment and business objectives.

By providing dashboards that utilize your various (recruitment) data sources, you gain insight into metrics such as the number of placements/revenue currently in your pipeline, the marketing and sourcing channels yielding placements, thus determining your ROI per channel, and identifying bottlenecks in the recruitment process.

We make your recruitment data work!

OTYS & OnRecruit

OnRecruit combines data from your website, OTYS, email marketing, and back office. This way, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of your recruitment activities. For instance, costs, revenue, and ROI per hire per recruitment marketing channel can be visualized through various attribution models. Furthermore, OnRecruit can assist you in setting up the necessary dashboards and reports to achieve your recruitment objectives.

Do you want more insight into the current state of the job market you're active in? Or are you seeking information about leads, competitors, and your target audience? Then you've come to the right place with Jobdigger. Jobdigger is one of the top five partners of OTYS. The IT company based in Arnhem provides up-to-date labor market information in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. By integrating with OTYS, you complement your existing recruitment processes with the latest insights from labor market data. There are various ways to utilize Jobdigger. Discover them quickly!

With Jobdigger, you stay ahead of your competitors by operating as a knowledge expert in the job market. Stay informed about the latest trends, follow the activities of both leads and clients, and ensure that you know your target audience like no other. Curious about how it works? Watch the integration video and learn more about the benefits.

Finding leads within Jobdigger

Are you looking for new clients? Within Jobdigger, you can easily search for companies by filtering based on job title, location, company size, and much more. Utilize numerous filtering options to make your search specific and find new leads. Add the discovered companies directly within OTYS. Don't forget to bring a market analysis printout from Jobdigger to your sales discussions with your new leads. This way, you'll convince them of your expertise in the job market even faster.

Placing candidates faster with job data

Do you have candidates in OTYS that you want to quickly place in suitable positions? With just a click, you can search within Jobdigger for vacancies that match the characteristics and preferences of your candidate. Search based on skills as well and discover alternative job titles that might suit your candidate. The connection between OTYS and Jobdigger allows you to easily import found vacancies and save them directly in your system. Additionally, if you'd like to stay informed about new suitable vacancies, perhaps on a daily basis, you can enable Jobdigger's notification email. 

Looking for new candidates? Utilize target audience data!

Finding suitable candidates for your vacancies can be a challenge, especially in a tight job market. With the target audience data within Jobdigger, you gain better insights into your potential candidates, enabling you to reach and persuade them more quickly. Discover which pull factors are important to your target audience and identify the best online platforms to reach them. Incorporate this into your recruitment strategy and attract candidates faster with a targeted job description. The target audience data also provides insight into the difficulty of recruiting for specific job profiles. With this information, you can effectively manage expectations with your (potential) clients.

Utilizing the integration?

Have you become enthusiastic about the possibilities of the integration? Feel free to request a demo via OTYS where you can walk through the environment together with one of the data experts and ask all your questions.