Whether you're searching for that one marketer in Amsterdam or a Mechatronics Engineer in Munich, our new Job Marketing Platform gives you the ability to manage all your online job marketing activities from one organized location.

With just a click of a button, you can post your vacancies on the most suitable media channels to reach the right audience. The integration between VONQ and OTYS makes recruitment easier and more effective.

With Booston, you retain complete control over your recruitment marketing challenges. From a central environment (OTYS), you can publish your job vacancy across all desired channels with a single click, wherever you want to post it – be it on a job board, recruitment website, or social media advertisement. All candidates responding to these vacancies are centralized within OTYS.

Booston is integrated with OTYS, ensuring continuous synchronization of candidates and job vacancies. From the central OTYS environment, a job vacancy can be published across multiple channels with just one click. Our intelligent marketing software modules can also be taken modularly.


From OTYS, you can publish a job vacancy with one click on a network of dozens of job boards (both organic and CPC). We have already connected the best-performing job boards for you, but we maintain an 'open' job board system where other channels can also be easily added.


We automatically turn every job vacancy created in OTYS into a social media advertisement (including targeting and content). This advertisement module can be fully customized for each job vacancy, while remaining intelligently automated. When candidates show interest in the ad, they are directly integrated into OTYS.


Based on your preferences, we create a beautiful website equipped with all the necessary techniques, functionalities, and design options for the recruitment world. Unlimited multilingual capabilities are possible. Job vacancies posted in OTYS automatically appear on this website.

As a customer, you'll have full access to the CMS, granting you the ability to adjust the website as needed. An example of the capabilities of the Booston Website can be found at https://preview.booston.io/. We're happy to showcase multiple examples of existing websites during an online demo.


Whether you utilize an OTYS environment or the Booston CMS, we ensure that all your job vacancies are Google for Jobs ready and properly indexable.


comprehensive reporting module where, in addition to the 'normal' campaign statistics, we provide insight into source-to-placement statistics. This allows us to precisely demonstrate which marketing channels have yielded the most placements.


Vacancy marketing support that involves ongoing analysis, evaluation, and optimization of campaigns in collaboration with our customers and Booston's recruitment marketing specialists.