Optimization: User Roles

An optimization process is a combination of training and immediate results. Working with a consultant, you address one or more topics, such as user roles. You'll learn more about the possibilities within OTYS and collaborate on a new configuration.

User Roles with ABAC

To assist clients in managing their users, OTYS has developed 'ABAC' (Attribute Based Access Control). This system allows clients to determine user rights based on organizational components, such as location, department, or role. A new user is automatically created with the appropriate rights and preferences. The adjustment of rights can be done per organizational component.

What does this provide you with?

  • Through ABAC, you save a lot of time when creating a user.
  • User management in one central place (OTYS or Azure).

How do we approach this?

Step 1: We start with a session to discuss the possibilities related to ABAC. In this first session, a setup of the ABAC configuration will be created, so that a beginning is made with the "homework."

Step 2: Subsequently, participants continue independently to define the ABAC roles. We assume a maximum of 3 roles.

Step 3: A new session with the consultant is scheduled to collectively review the defined ABAC roles. This prevents misunderstandings and allows for any final adjustments based on the consultant's advice.

Step 4: The consultant independently configures the roles in the client's OTYS Go! environment.

Step 5: Finally, there is a handover from the consultant to the participant(s) so that they know how to manage the ABAC configuration themselves. There is also room for a Q&A session. This session will be scheduled around the go-live date.

A personal training given by one of ours consultants

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days in advance