Optimization: Email Automation with Templates and Workflows

An optimization process is a combination of training and immediate results. Working with a consultant, you address one or more topics, such as workflow automation. You'll learn more about the possibilities within OTYS and collaborate on a new configuration.

Email Automation with Templates and Workflows

In the Workflow Module, you can automate actions in OTYS. Using Procedure Steps, we can set up workflows to make the system work for you. You can significantly speed up the process by sending automated emails based on these statuses.

The system contains a lot of data. A procedure involves a Candidate, Job Vacancy, and Relation/Contact person. When automated emails are linked, we can load data into these emails, such as the candidate's name, job title, and the company's name. This saves manual data entry.

What does this provide you with?

Multiple workflows that automatically generate emails. For example, to invite a candidate for an interview, submit them to the client, or reject a candidate after an application. A prerequisite for setting up reports is that the procedure statuses are up to date and in use.

How do we approach this?

Step 1: We schedule a joint call to assess the current situation. What challenges are you facing? How are the workflows currently configured? What are your preferences?

Step 2: Subsequently, participants will be given 'homework' and food for thought. The 'homework' will be provided to the consultant. The consultant will set up the workflows for the second session.

Step 3: In the second session, we come together to review the new setup and make any final adjustments.

Step 4: Finally, the consultant will document the session, providing a summary and relevant documentation.

A personal training given by one of ours consultants

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days in advance