Optimization: Dashboards & Filters

An optimization process is a combination of training and immediately seeing results. Collaborating with a consultant, you address one or more topics, such as views and forms. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities within OTYS and work together on a new setup.

List and Detail Views and Interactive Forms

Are you still predominantly using standard views within OTYS? It's possible to configure your own views to display relevant information at a glance.

If desired, new fields can be added, and unnecessary fields can be removed. This way, you can create a view that is fully customized to suit your organization's needs. You want that too, right?

What will this provide for you?

List and detail views that align with your processes, making relevant information immediately visible and removing unnecessary data from view. Digitized forms for recording reports, which are automatically filled in with information from the database and saved in the dossier. Configured custom Extra Fields for candidates, job vacancies, or relationships, eliminating the need for separate Excel lists or handwritten notes.

How will we approach this?

Step 1: We'll schedule a joint call to assess the current situation. What challenges are you currently facing? How are the statuses currently configured? What are your preferences?

Step 2: Subsequently, we'll provide you with some "homework" and topics for consideration. The Consultant will independently set up the desired forms, which will be discussed in the next session.

Step 3: In the second session, we'll come together again to implement the desired changes to the views and finalize the forms. We'll assume a maximum of 4 configured forms.

Step 4: Finally, the Consultant will document the session, providing a summary and relevant documentation, allowing you to review it at your convenience.

A personal training given by one of ours consultants

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days in advance