Optimalization: Basic Configuration

An optimization process is a blend of training and seeing immediate results. Collaborating with a consultant, you'll address one or more topics, such as Statuses and Match Criteria. You'll gain a better understanding of the possibilities within OTYS and work together on a new configuration.

Optimization: Basic Configuration

Is your organization not using Statuses and Match Criteria in the system because they are outdated or no longer relevant? This may result in less guidance and the desired effect, such as overview, not being achieved. Statuses might lead to confusion rather than contributing. Do you recognize this issue?

Statuses and Match Criteria form the foundation of your OTYS Go! system. Based on this data, you can create overviews, set up workflows, and generate reports, among other things. This basic configuration ensures that your organization works as efficiently and effectively as possible within OTYS.

What will this provide for you?

  • Statuses that align (again) with your current processes from the modules: Candidates, CRM, Job Vacancies, and Procedures. This allows you to make optimal use of reports, dashboards, and workflows.
  • Match Criteria that align (again) with your current processes, enabling you to use functionalities like Hunt & Select, among others.

The step-by-step plan for an optimized basic configuration:

Step 1: We'll schedule a joint meeting to assess the current situation. What challenges are you facing? How are the statuses currently configured? What are your preferences?

Step 2: The Consultant will create an overview of your current configuration. You can then specify what needs to be changed and what you want to retain.

Step 3: Subsequently, we'll provide you with some 'homework' and topics for consideration. This is to ensure that the configuration aligns as closely as possible with your preferences.

Step 4: In the second session, we'll come together again to implement the desired changes and thoroughly review everything.

Step 5: Finally, the Consultant will document the session, providing a summary and relevant documentation, allowing you to review it at your convenience.

A personal training given by one of ours consultants

Cancellations can be made up to 7 days in advance