API First

OTYS API: Empowering the best of breed solution

OTYS API-first strategy:
OTYS firmly believes in focusing on its core strengths while fostering a collaborative ecosystem. Recognizing that others excel in different aspects, OTYS adopts an "API-first" strategy. This approach centers on providing clients with a "best of breed" solution through seamless partnerships with external parties. By doing so, OTYS aims to deliver superior value to its clients and empower them with a diverse range of specialized capabilities.

The OTYS Go! partner Framework:
To facilitate this "best of breed" solution for both clients and partners, OTYS has developed the "OTYS Go! Partner Framework." This framework serves as the cornerstone of OTYS's commitment to creating a collaborative and integrated environment. It encompasses various elements designed to enhance the user experience and promote seamless connections between OTYS and partner solutions.

Web services integration:
At the core of this framework lies OTYS's robust web services integration. Unlike some competitors who treat web services as an afterthought, OTYS has integrated web services deeply into its software solution. Every action users perform in the OTYS Go! interface is executed through web service requests, enabling external partners to access and utilize these services comprehensively.

Comprehensive documentation:
To support partners in leveraging the OTYS Go! Partner Framework effectively, OTYS provides comprehensive documentation. This includes manuals for OTYS web services (OWS), webhooks, single sign-on (SSO), custom actions, widgets, settings, and custom URLs. These resources empower partners to seamlessly integrate with OTYS and deliver a superior user experience.

In embracing its "API-first" strategy and the OTYS Go! Partner Framework, OTYS ensures that clients can benefit from a diverse ecosystem of solutions while continuing to harness the power of their core strengths.

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