How to keep it personal when using AI during the recruitment process

Today more and more companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the recruitment process. While AI offers many benefits, applicants may as a result also find themselves in an anonymous process. This can lead to a lack of engagement and decrease of interest in the job posting. Therefore it is crucial to maintain the personal aspect of the recruitment process, even when AI is used. In this blog we will discuss 5 ways to keep the recruitment process feeling personal, even when using AI.

Keep the communication personal

Make sure e-mails, messages and other forms of communication to candidates feel personal and you do not use standard templates. For example, use personalized communication by using the applicant's name in e-mails or by referring to specific details from their application. AI can also be an extremely useful supporting tool for adding those details in the communication. In addition, offering a personal interview with a recruiter or HR manager can help increase applicant engagement.

Combine human and bot

Another way to keep the process personal is to combine the use of AI with human evaluation and feedback. You can for example let AI technology do the initial screening, but integrate human evaluation into the recruitment process, by having recruiters themselves then evaluate candidates based on their personal experiences and soft skills. Something humans often do better if not differently than AI.

Make smart use of video interviews

AI can be used to conduct automated interviews with candidates, such as through video interviews. Speech and facial recognition technology can be used to analyze and assess candidate responses. But make sure the candidate feels comfortable and add personal touch points, such as a welcome message or a personal introduction to the company.

Utilize smart chatbots

Chatbots can be used to greet candidates and answer questions during the recruitment process. By using chatbots, candidates can feel more personally treated and the process can still be largely automated this way.

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Let candidates know that they are important

Send candidates regular updates on the recruitment process and the status of their application. Make sure candidates know that their applications are taken seriously and that they are valued as potential employees. This can be automated with the right software (such as OTYS) to further reduce the time it takes to keep candidates updated. Take, for example, the track-and-trace page for candidates developed by OTYS and Joboti for Strictly People.

In short…

The use of AI can improve efficiency, reduce recruiters' workload and improve candidate quality. However, it is important to remember that AI is not the only solution. It is important to have a balanced approach that combines AI with human interaction and evaluation to achieve the best results with candidates.

By using AI combined with OTYS Recruiting Technology, recruiters can make their recruitment process more efficient while also maintaining the human side of the process. Contact us to discuss the possibilities or send an email directly to