Cloud-based recruitment solution OTYS to integrate chatbot interviewer Dora

Houten (NL) & Tirgu Mures (RO) – Dutch OTYS – developer of OTYS Go!, an intergated cloud solution for the recruitment sector – is to enter a global partnership with Romanian Happy Recruiter – developer of the HR chatbot Dora. Thanks to this new partnership, OTYS’ clients can further automate and optimize the full recruitment process. Advantages are obvious, both for candidates, employers and recruiters.

In an ever more difficult labor market, technology is gaining importance in the recruitment process. Dutch OTYS is the developer of OTYS Go!, a cloud-based integrated total solution for recruiters. OTYS helps companies in seamlessly finding and linking candidates and employers throughout the full recruitment process, from searching and finding to managing all administrative details.

The OTYS offering is now expanded by integrating ‘Dora the recruitment robot’ in OTYS Go!. Dora is a chatbot, developed by Romanian Happy Recruiter. It is a robot that searches for candidates all over the Internet. Next, it contacts the candidates and takes first job interviews.

Grâce à la combinaison de nos deux technologies, nous sommes en mesure d'automatiser les parties répétitives et stressantes du recrutement. En conséquence, nos recruteurs humains peuvent se concentrer sur ce qu'ils font de mieux : aider les gens à trouver le meilleur emploi possible.

Bert Koning
CEO OTYS Recruiting Technology

Both OTYS and Dora offer advanced technologies, that from now on are flawlessly integrated.

La rapidité est essentielle dans le recrutement. Notre chatbot Dora travaille 24/7, recherche sur Internet des candidats adaptés et effectue les premiers entretiens. Les meilleurs candidats sont ensuite entrés dans le logiciel de recrutement OTYS.

Calin Stefanescu
CEO Happy Recruiter

Many Advantages

Advantages of this partnership are manyfold. Candidates are found, contacted and interviewed faster, and get immediate feedback. Recruiters can outsource the timeconsuming and stressful parts of the work to robots and focus on the human interaction further on in the process. Employers get better candidates faster, and do not have to waste time in several stressful elements of the whole recruitment process. The Dora-integration into OTYS Go! results in faster processes, higher success rates and all this with less working stress on the human recruiters.

OTYS starts a partnership with Talentir, a start-up from Martijn Roffel, a former OTYS employee and now specialist in Recruitment Marketing. AskSem is the party to improve your recruitment results! How? Through Recruitment Marketing.

What does Recruitment Marketing entail?

Recruitment Marketing is a broad term but as soon as the activities below come to mind we're talking about about Recruitment Marketing.

Activities which...

  • are needed to make candidates aware of your employer brand,
  • can increase interactions with your candidates,
  • are supportive of the placement of candidates

Concrete examples of this are reducing Cost per Hire, increasing Candidate Value or providing insight into your Candidate Journey

Talentir is the ideal partner for OTYS users who have the desire but not the knowledge to use the possibilities of Recruitment Marketing.

Martijn Roffel: "A Recruiter is not a Marketeer but in the current market you can't really do without. I started Talentir so I can help recruiters achieve their goals."

OTYS: "The collaboration arose because we noticed that there is an increasing demand from OTYS users for Recruitment Marketing.  
People are increasingly inquiring about the possibilities for Ads in Instagram or Tiktok. With a specialist as a partner, we help our clients optimally."

Some OTYS clients already knew the way to Talentir and can speak from experience about the unique approach and positive results. 

An additional advantage of Talentir is the knowledge and experience of Martijn Roffel. Divided over two periods he has been working at OTYS for about 10 years. His knowledge and experience is very useful for both OTYS and OTYS users. A win-win situation for every stakeholder! 

AskSem est une organisation ambitieuse, personnelle et motivée avec une expertise étendue dans le domaine du marketing de recrutement. En combinant l'utilisation de notre plateforme avec l'approche d'AskSem, le recrutement via des canaux payants en ligne devient plus facile, plus rentable et plus efficace. Cela a déjà conduit à une croissance visible avec nos clients communs.

Bert Koning
CEO - OTYS Recruiting Technology

Unique name and work method 

The name AskSem comes from Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie (Labour Market Communication), Strategie (Strategy) and Kpi's and Search Engine Marketing and is considered the foundation of AskSem's services.

AskSem developed its own Recruitment Marketing models, which in combination with an employer brand form an unforgettable Candidate Journey. Every candidate touchpoint is equally important leaving nothing to chance. This is how AskSem delivers data-driven and forward-thinking solutions. 

"Because every employer, intermediary, recruiter, vacancy, sector and candidate is different, we believe in a customized solution

AskSem's model allows us to develop a tailor-made strategy that makes every AskSem client unique and no campaign the same," says Martijn Roffel.

Interest in Recruitment Marketing

Are you interested in AskSem's services? If so, please get in touch with your contact or the Customer Sales department: