Recruit with even more ease on the Go!

The OTYS Recruitment System is designed to work quickly and efficiently. For this intelligent cloud solution, all you need is internet access and a web browser. But, what if you now want to add a new candidate on the go? What if you want to look up a customer's contact details? Or just simply want to send an update e-mail to a colleague after a conversation? The new OTYS on the Go! app makes mobile working easy, efficient and pleasant!

All the information at hand

In the OTYS on the Go! app you have all the information at hand to work quickly and, most importantly, easily in OTYS. You can now consult the following matters in the app: vacancies, candidates, contacts, e-mails and calendar appointments. Over the past period, we at OTYS have worked hard on an app that is not only technically sound, but which is also at the highest level in terms of interface and ease of use. Enjoy a very intuitive app. Safe, easy and fast.

Improving our software

The old OTYS apps all had only one function. This worked, but let's be honest: not very well. You were forced to continuously switch between the apps for your different actions. In the new OTYS app, you will find all modules bundled. With a single swipe of the thumb, you go from candidate to contact, so you can send said contact an e-mail.

Flexible dashboard

Get to work mobile with a handy dashboard where you can see your entire schedule at a single glance. Just like the dashboard in your web browser, this dashboard can be adjusted to taste and preference.

Partner integrations

The app not only has room for the modules of OTYS, but also for our partners. For example, do you use the smart Whatsapp inbox of our partner Joboti? Then you can easily access it via the On the Go! app. Did you know that OTYS is the only recruitment software supplier where partners are so seamlessly incorporated in one application?