Help, I’m short on recruiters!

What came first? The shortage of staff or the shortage of recruiters? With the labor market tightening, which has only worsened since the corona pandemic, the demand for recruiters has also consistently increased.

More work, less recruiters

Back in 2021, Indeed reported that the demand for staff-recruiters was up 90% from the previous year. In fact, the demand for recruiters was as much as 42% higher than before the pandemic. A trend LinkedIn further confirmed in their report. In 2021, there were 6.8 times more recruiter jobs posted on the business social media platform. And, although this trend line seems to be slowing down somewhat in 2023, the demand for recruiters still seems to be higher than in other industries. This is partly explained by the fact that the demand for sufficient and most preferably good staff is still (too) high.

The flexible employment agent

Fortunately, technological developments are such that we are massively automating and robotizing to cope with these shortages. The shortage of labor migrants has, for example, lead to the use of robots for picking tomatoes in more and more places. In the transport sector, you see that manual order picking is disappearing at an accelerated rate, according to Han Mesters of ABN AMRO.

Employment agencies will also have to be flexible and adapt to the (now not so) new situation. This means not only offering other forms of contracts, but also making smart use of their own resources. For example, using smart tools to fill in the gaps can already help you avoid losing any potential new employees and make the most out of all opportunities.

Everything automated from the start

By looking at what areas of the recruitment process can be automated, a company can easily save a lot of time. Then don't just examine the back end of your process, such as putting candidates through to your possible compensation package, but start the optimization process at the beginning. As a recruiter, you can spend a lot of time scouring various channels when you want to be doing what you're really good at: contacting candidates.

Parties such as TheRecruitBoostersNIXZ and Dora can help with this. They specialize in the first contact with (latent) job seekers. They search for candidates online and can even start the first contact with a candidate. The only things you have to handle yourself are the campaigns.

Better chance for job placements

With an integrated hunt & select functionality, you make the most of your candidates with the least amount of effort. For example, OTYS has special match functionalities built in, allowing you to create shortlists within a few clicks and easily link candidates to jobs. Missing contact information? That’s not an issue with a tool like precontacttool, which easily retrieves phone numbers and e-mail addresses online.

Partners like TheMatchBox can further help cast your net even wider. Their search engine makes sure you spend even less time searching. An example of a real time-saving solution: in NIXZ's plugin (SimpleRecruiter), theMatchBox can immediately show you how this candidate matches with vacancies in the ATS system. That’s before adding them to the OTYS system with the push of a button.

From crawling to standing with a good ATS

The entire recruitment process falls and stands with a good ATS. If you're still working with an Excel or outdated software, you can have so many tools at your disposal: it won't work for you. 
An ATS like OTYS already contains a lot of functionalities to make a large part of your process easy. OTYS also connects to all the parties mentioned above and more, so you can always keep working efficiently and effectively. Operate all the different activities which you can operate from one central location. You start a search on LinkedIn from OTYS, introduce a candidate within the procedure module, vacancies are loaded via a widget within OTYS and you complete the contact details with the push of a button.

Want to know what OTYS can do for you? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your organization.