Optimization: Reporting

An optimization process is a mix of training and seeing immediate results. Working with a consultant, you address one or more topics, such as Reports. You'll learn more about the capabilities within OTYS and collaborate on a new setup.

Optimizing Reports

With everything you do within OTYS, you input the system with information. Create reports based on events in OTYS. How often are calls made? How many candidates are going for interviews? How many new job vacancies were added last month?

The best reports based on events in OTYS, both for your personal use and on an organizational level. You want that too, right?

What will this benefit you?

  • An configured Reporting module that aligns with your process and discussing which data is relevant for your organization.
  • In addition to the Reporting Module, we'll also discuss whether export profiles can be of added value.
  • A configured dashboard displaying the reports.
  • One requirement for setting up reports is that the procedure statuses are up to date and in use.

Ein persönliches Training durch einen unserer Berater

Stornierungen können bis zu 7 Tage im Voraus vorgenommen werden.