Textmetrics, the intelligent AI writing software, is designed for everyone who writes.

Say goodbye to dull, inconsistent, and hard-to-understand texts

Textmetrics, the intelligent AI writing software, is designed for everyone who writes. The tailored software generates and optimizes every text to match the tone of voice, SEO standards, and branding of your organization. Moreover, it's inclusive, non-discriminatory, and error-free! Additionally, it's even possible to translate into any language.

With thousands of users worldwide, Textmetrics is one of the market leaders in text generation and optimization. The advanced and highly intelligent algorithms are continually innovated to ensure that every writer in your company produces inclusive and comprehensible texts of the highest quality, anytime and anywhere.

OTYS and Textmetrics: the dynamic duo for the best job vacancies

Get the most out of all your job vacancies with the integration between OTYS and Textmetrics. Let Textmetrics handle the writing and thinking! Use Textmetrics directly in OTYS for quick feedback and helpful writing suggestions.

This way, your text is optimized for Google, written inclusively and gender-neutral, and aligned with the appropriate branding and tone of voice, without you having to twist yourself into knots and abide by all the rules. With Textmetrics, your job vacancies will be of top quality, and you'll reach the right candidates in no time.

CorTexter's Bias Detector ensures better discoverable vacancies that attract more candidates. The AI software identifies barriers that candidates might encounter when reading a text, such as vague language, unconscious biases, and overly long sentences. It provides concrete suggestions and tips for improvement. This results in an optimized vacancy that performs better.

Check for 5 types of (unconscious) biases, jargon, and vague language

CorTexter's Bias Detector seamlessly integrates with OTYS and is used right where you write your vacancies. Colored highlights appear in the text on words that candidates might find unclear or offensive, even if it's very subtle. Clicking on the colored text provides an explanation and often offers multiple words that can replace the original word with just a click.

Vacancy analysis and advice

We also provide you with a dashboard featuring analyses and tips to enhance your text. Consider the length of the vacancy, the use of bullet points, and words that perform well on Google (SEO). CorTexter's Bias Detector makes it easy to organically improve the visibility of your vacancy and convince candidates to apply.

Diversity and inclusion within reach

By addressing (unconscious) biases, vacancy texts become more inclusive. This is a frequently expressed desire in recruitment, and the government is also increasingly promoting diversity in a less discretionary manner. Our software tangibly and demonstrably helps increase the effectiveness of vacancies while enhancing diversity, equality, and inclusion.