Ratecard offers an online feedback and reputation management tool that helps you collect automated feedback and references within OTYS. This way, you gain control over your candidate, client, and/or employee experience (CaX, CX, and/or EX) and can continuously improve every day.

Perception vs. Reality 80% of companies believe they provide a superior experience to their candidates, clients, and/or employees, but in reality, this is only 8%. The difference between perception and reality is also known as "The Experience Gap." Ratecard helps you gain control over your candidate, client, and employee "Experience Gap." Collect automated feedback or references via email and/or SMS throughout your process steps (e.g., intake conversations, placements, off-boarding, etc.) in OTYS and enhance your candidate, client, and employee experience.

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About the Integration with OTYS By linking your OTYS and Ratecard accounts, you'll experience the benefits of collecting feedback on autopilot. Don't worry about requesting feedback and/or gathering references because the process is 100% automated – saving you time. If you prefer to have control and want to decide for yourself which contacts you ask for feedback and/or a reference, manual imports are also possible.