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Smart job posting with OTYS

Automatically all your vacancies are forwarded to multiple job boards and job sites with OTYS job feeder. With OTYS remote apply, you ensure that candidates can apply directly to the connected job boards. The applicant enters your OTYS environment as usual

How does it work?

Would you like your jobs to be automatically posted on (free) job boards at no extra cost? Then the job feeder is probably of interest to you! OTYS makes it possible to post a job from OTYS Go! to affiliated job boards such as Indeed, talent.com and jobrapido. The number of job boards that can process OTYS feeds is growing.
Candidates who apply to your vacancy then enter OTYS completely automatically with exactly the same information as if they were applying via your own website, so if you would like to know what driving license a truck driver has or what languages a programmer has mastered, these questions are also in the form on the external site, so you have no data loss. Measurements we have done together with clients show that OTYS remote apply can generate 2 to 4 times more conversions!

To make good analyses, we also record the route through which each candidate applied. With this data, you can quickly understand which job boards work best for your organization.

If you have the appropriate license from OTYS, there are no monthly fees associated with this solution. We will go through the desired setup together to determine how this link will work for you. Please contact customersuccess@otys.nl

  • Post jobs on Indeed, talent.com, jobrapido
  • Applications arrive directly in your OTYS environment
  • Do you use dynamic job application forms in OTYS? Then these questions are automatically asked on Talent, Indeed and jobrapido.

Free of charge with an OTYS license

Do you currently have the right OTYS license? Then there are no monthly fees for using OTYS Jobfeeder and OTYS Remote Apply.

There are job boards that do not yet support OTYS job feeder and OTYS Remote Apply.
If you want to post on these other boards you can upgrade to the OTYS Multiposter for this purpose. There is a Basic and Pro version available. With the Multiposter Basic you define per vacancy on which job board this vacancy should be posted. Multiposter Pro goes one step further. All the jobs that you publish on your own site are automatically posted on the job boards selected by you. Check the options and costs at the bottom of this page.  OTYS remote apply is unfortunately not available with this OTYS multiposter. However, you can choose to process applications automatically on your website or by e-mail. The latter option is also very good for increasing conversion.

Check the 200+ job boards

Our smart solutions

OTYS jobfeeder and OTYS Remote ApplyFOR FREE*

Automatically post your jobs on the most reputable job boards.

  • Automatically post all your jobs to affiliated job boards
  • Get applicants directly into your system 
  • 2 to 4 times more conversions
  • Dynamic form on your own site and on job boards
  • You need the right OTYS license

OTYS Multiposter Basic, from€ 82,50 p.m.

Post your jobs with ease on 3 job boards of your own choice, more are possible!

  • Unlimited number of job postings
  • 200+ job boards available
  • Quickly and easily you post each job yourself from OTYS 

OTYS Multiposter Pro, from€ 165,- p.m.

Synchronize all your jobs on 3 job boards of your choice, more are possible!

  • Unlimited number of jobs posted automatically
  • 200+ job boards available
  • Fully automated

*In addition to the OTYS Multiposter, OTYS also has links to several (international) multiposters such as Broadbean, VonQ, Brockmeyer and Recruiting Technologies.

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