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Online findability - SEO

A well-designed website and an arresting text are unfortunately still not (quite) enough. According to Google and other search engines, for online findability you need to meet a number of requirements. OTYS can help you with this. Thanks to its many years of experience in the labour market and more than 1,900 live websites, OTYS knows exactly what needs to be done to meet these requirements and to confirm and strengthen your online position in the market. By translating the results of these analyses into the right actions you’ll notice that you become more visible online! Don’t know where to start? OTYS does… :-) These services are available in Dutch & English only. 

Components Start up Optimize Continuous
Technical check  v  v  v
Speed check  v  v  v
Implement tooling for analysis  v  v  v
Set up goals  v  v  v
Check URLs, headers, titles and descriptions  v  v  v
Keyword research  v  v  v
Web analysis  v  v  v 
Reporting and evaluation  v  v  v 
  Start up Optimize Continuous
Optimizing technique, speed and HTML  v  v
Optimizing headers, titles and descriptions  v  v
Search engine friendly URLs  v  v
Optimized landingpages  v  v
Advice for job descriptions  v  v
Content strategy based on keyword research  v  v
Reporting and evaluation  v  v
  Start up Optimize Continuous
Monthly monitoring and evaluation  v
Continuous optimization  v
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About OTYS

Over the course of nearly 20 years OTYS has grown into a solid company with more than 1,000 clients and over 15,000 users in 25 countries around the world. 

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