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OTYS Go! Selection & Procedure

When it comes to selecting, OTYS Go! has endless possibilities. These have to do not just with making selections effective but also with the procedure whereby candidates are selected. To make sure this process runs smoothly a degree of oversight is called for, ideally with all available communication possibilities. See hereunder to read more about the options in OTYS. Want to know more? Contact us!

Selecting with OTYS

You can make selections by means of different search options in your database by using match criteria. However, OTYS also offers other more automated solutions. Take for example the 'Hunt & Select’ functionality. Hunt & Select enables you to very quickly make a short list based on the job vacancy and immediately to assess the candidates by looking at CVs and also zooming in on details. Want to know more about this feature? Watch the video hereunder!


Candidates’ procedures

In order to provide effective monitoring and overview of candidates’ procedures, OTYS has developed the Procedure Module. In this module job vacancy and candidate come together and you can see straight away which candidate in which procedure is in what status. By applying filters you create the overview that’s important to you or your team and post it directly as a widget on your personal dashboard. By means of Kanban boards you make matters even more visual. 

Communication in your selection process

In order to effectively select candidates, communication is necessary. In the form of online, off-line but also for example by video. OTYS offers an online video chat facility, with which a video chat can be initiated from a candidate file or from a calendar item. In this way you no longer have to use separate tools and can handle everything from a single system. For this the candidate does not have to use OTYS but will be directed to your website to start the video conference there. 

Van Storm Recruitment

‘’I’ve had over ten years of experience with OTYS, in several companies. As a comprehensive solution for recording and monitoring the whole recruitment process, job posting and CRM, OTYS offers a wide range of possibilities for customisation based on your own work processes.’’

Eric Schiphorst


 ‘’OTYS helps us carry out our recruitment processes efficiently and well. We particularly like the linkage between our website and the actual application, and the extensive search options within the candidate database enable us to identify the right candidate.’’

Jan van Vroenhoven

Independent Recruiters

“By working closely together with OTYS to make the best possible use of the software, we’ve become a better business.’’

Olfertjan Niemijer

Jobco Support

“OTYS sees clients as guests and itself as the host. For OTYS it’s important to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better every day. Jobco Support appreciates that very much indeed!’’

Anja Veldhuizen

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