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OTYS Go! Process & Optimization

Processes are there to be optimised. Here digitisation and automation can play a major role. Many recruitment work processes entail administrative procedures that can often be tedious. At the same time some processes are overly convoluted, and there is often little supervision in place to review processes and make them less tedious. 

Administration & Process

Administration is never fun. The integrated email and calendar module means you can automatically create case files and links between candidates, clients and calendar items for example, so that much of the administration is automated within OTYS right from the start. Work flows can also contribute to reducing administrative rigmarole. OTYS also works with a task module in which the pressure of work, the distribution of tasks and your own to-do list can be shown in readily understandable form. These task lists, specifically for sprints, can also be shown on an intuitive Kanban board.

Personal works best

Features such as completely customisable reporting, dashboards and widgets make the process personal. Within OTYS there is a very great deal that can be adapted to your personal preferences. In the first instance we take account of the business process as established by you. But let’s not forget that within this process many unique people are active. To cater for this we offer within our platform all kinds of possibilities for personalising detail displays, lists, dashboards and widgets. You can even choose to have the whole OTYS Go! environment in your own personal style or your corporate style! How cool is that?