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Corporate Social Responsibility at OTYS

OTYS is known for its rock ’n’ roll image: we do what we want. YEAH! However we don’t do this just for ourselves and our clients, but also for the environment and society. Together we seize opportunities and try to make the world more beautiful. How does OTYS contribute to society & to our corporate social responsibility?


OTYS’ servers are mostly virtual. This reduces the use of physical equipment, which means less energy and raw materials need to be used in manufacturing hardware. We all win!


Paper? What’s paper? With its software solution OTYS makes a great contribution to reducing the use of printers and paper. We try to make processes as digital as possible, which is good for your efficiency and good for the environment. What OTYS does use paper for is to print its manual for new clients. But this is in a sustainable folder which can last for years!

Good causes and donations

OTYS is busy with these! Every year OTYS is asked to take part in various actions. And every year we agree to do so. We find it important to support objectives that we stand behind, and we have a strong preference for good causes that are local.

OTYS also sponsors hobbies!

If it’s not fun, why do it? OTYS = rock ’n’ roll and OTYS = fun. Partly for this reason we sponsor the local football club, the Q-Music Foute Party in Veenendaal Market on Koningsnacht (King's Day Eve) and we are hoarding sponsors of Feyenoord.

Recognised learning company

OTYS is certified by the ECABO Centre for Expertise on Vocational Training, meaning that we are a recognised company for secondary vocational students to gain experience with. The gap between study and business life is often too wide and OTYS attaches importance to being able to support MBO students with a good internship, developing qualities and contributing to a vision of the future.

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