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Acquisition unnecessary due to great organic search positions

IT-Profile is a career specialist for technical and sales personnel in the IT sector. Thanks to its extensive experience in the ICT sector the firm is expert in accompanying IT professionals looking for a new job. So far more than 500 IT personnel have found new jobs through IT-Profile. Far-reaching process automation goes with its way of working and the focus on IT. That’s why the company has used OTYS recruitment software since 2007.

Room for improvement

Founders Wilbert van Beek and Erik Derijks had worked for 12 years for a medium-size ICT service provider. The recruitment process there followed the traditional pattern. Derijks: “You told the HR department what you needed, they spent lots of money on advertising and online media, and then you sat back and waited. This produced little or nothing, so we often had to bring in an agency. The regular agencies often had little affinity with the ICT business, so we didn’t get the right candidates through these agencies either.” Not only companies had problems with the tight IT market. IT personnel were also bothered by it themselves. “Whenever IT specialists post their CVs online, they’re bombarded from all sides with emails and offers, and it's difficult for them to judge whether the jobs or the employers are suitable. This leads to a high risk of mismatch and makes IT personnel hesitant to change jobs. Candidates need advice and support. So there was much room for improvement on both sides of the market. That’s what gave rise to the aim of addressing recruitment in the IT sector better.”

Need for a single integrated system

On 1 January 2007 IT-Profile’s website was launched. “We began with a flat website without CMS. We placed vacancies by hand each time. We had our own database, which was not linked to the rest of the systems. It was workable, but we had to do a lot ourselves, for example the uniform drawing up of CVs. We quickly realised that we needed to have a single well-integrated system.”

Derijks: “In seeking a system we first looked at our most time-consuming processes: placing vacancies, searching through our database and standardising the CVs. That’s where the greatest gains were to be made. When we saw how OTYS had perfected precisely these processes we didn’t need to think for long about our new software package. Within two weeks the contract had been signed, and a month later our website was live!”

Available in real time and everywhere

“We’re very happy with the system. It’s very intuitive, you pick it up easily,” says Derijks. One of the great advantages he mentions is the accessibility of the system. “OTYS is web-based and as such accessible everywhere and always. If I’ve forgotten my laptop I just grab another computer. All our information goes into a single system in real time, so my colleagues and I always have the same information available to us and can rely on its being up-to-date.”

More traffic and more applicants

Since the OTYS site went live in November 2007 the number of visitors has increased fivefold. It now stands at some 2,500 visitors a month and still rising. “We reach our candidates better, but new clients also call us often asking us to help them. The number of applicants is increasing in the same proportion as the number of website visitors. So for us, the more traffic, the more applicants. So it works and it’s great.”

The website’s been running for quite a few years and is still very appropriate. “At the time, OTYS built a future-proof website, which still works well and is still appropriate. In all these years we’ve only ever had to make a couple of small adjustments.” IT-Profile uses the blog module to post news relating to the IT sector on its own website. “Our news reports are sometimes read 700 times in a day.”

On top in Google

IT-Profile believes in being found rather than in pursuing potential candidates and clients with emails and phone calls. “We’ve never done any acquisition and we don't even employ any sales staff. SEO and online marketing are very important for us. So the extensive SEO functionality was another good reason for IT-Profile to move to OTYS.”

Focus on the candidates

OTYS aims not just to optimise the work process for recruiters, HR personnel and intermediaries, but also to make the application process as smooth as possible for candidates. “That’s why OTYS suits us so well. Candidates’ demands and wishes are paramount for us. By having a website that works well and making sure we have an up-to-date database and candidate management system we ensure that the application process runs as smoothly as possible and candidates are not lost.” Derijks: “Through the link in OTYS with LinkedIn candidates can very simply apply with their LinkedIn profile. Candidates’ particulars are then automatically processed in our database.”

Derijks describes OTYS as flexible, simple and to the point: qualities that fit perfectly with IT-Profile. "Contacts with OTYS are good. It’s great that within OTYS you can indicate exactly which modules you do or do not wish to use.”

About IT-Profile

IT-Profile is an all-round career specialist for technical and sales IT personnel and an experienced labour market specialist for companies in search of IT personnel. IT-Profile was founded by IT professionals, with the zest to think and act from the candidate’s point of view and the experience to seek from the client’s point of view.

Sustainable relations are the basis of the business, and this has proven successful. IT-Profile has over 9,000 ICT candidates in its database.


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