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Thanks to OTYS we have a significant advantage over our competition

Independent Recruiters is a recruitment, selection and executive search agency for both new and experienced graduates. Independent Recruiters has over 20 consultants, all of whom specialise in a particular field such as Finance, ICT, Sales & Marketing or HR. This enables the agency to conduct interviews at the right level with both its candidates and clients and to make better matches. Independent Recruiters has used OTYS since 2004 and has built up a portfolio in that time with seven different labels which are all brought to market through an OTYS multi-site.

Clear view of Recruitment & Selection

Olfertjan Niemeijer: "A year after we set up I was in search of a website builder specialising in building websites for recruitment and selection agencies. My Account Manager at the Nationale Vacaturebank (national job board) told me about OTYS, and from then everything was very quickly arranged. OTYS is a very good comprehensive solution, so alongside my website I’ve also linked a complete working recruitment system to it. Because the software has been developed on the basis of expertise in recruitment and selection, it is very versatile and at the same time very easy to use. OTYS also has a very favourable price-quality ratio and a very extensive network. So as far as I’m concerned it’s the best tool in the market."

"OTYS now forms the core of all our recruitment processes. Our work process is fully integrated with OTYS and perhaps even based on OTYS.”

Future proof

Thanks to the scalability of the package, OTYS can grow with the business. Independent Recruiters currently has 250 outstanding job vacancies, 150,000 candidates in its database and receives 2,000 applications a month. An easy-to-view database with a search filter that works properly is therefore essential. As well as the database function OTYS offers a large number of functionalities that support our process. "We make frequent use of the deduplicator to avoid double candidate data, and of the reporting function. The reports are really amazing! And the mobile apps work perfectly. I never have to work at home on my laptop any more.”

“The biggest mistake I made was waiting so long to implement the work flow module. The work flow module is really fantastic, and capable of making the whole process leak-proof. With the work flow module everything is completely optimised, candidates cannot be forgotten, contact is made and the administration is kept up-to-date. Biggest tip: Get the work flow module and start using it straight away! There’s a big difference between people who buy software and just leave it at that and people who are also prepared to actually invest time in it. Luckily I opted for the latter, and in this way I can make the best possible use of OTYS.’’

“By working closely together with OTYS to make the best possible use of the software, we’ve become a better business.’’

By automating administrative processes as much as possible it remains possible to give personal attention to the candidates and to gain their loyalty. With the OTYS Multi Posting Framework job vacancies are placed directly with other sites, Indeed, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Through the integration with Broadbean the job vacancy is placed on personal Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Groups and several job boards. All applicants are automatically entered into the system and linked to the relevant vacancy. “We once calculated that this speeding up of the process saves us at least 3,200 hours per year. That leaves us more time for the candidates themselves”, says Olfertjan.

Extensive network of partners

OTYS has a very extensive network of partners. This enables the recruitment and selection agency to carry out its entire process with OTYS. “The integration with the partners is fantastic. Thanks to Broadbean’s integration with OTYS the source of the candidates can be accurately measured. For most candidates we know exactly through which platform they’ve reached the vacancy. This enables us to make very well-founded investment decisions. The parsing of CVs and documents with Textkernel is also essential for our work flow.”

Reliable partners

Niemeijer benefits from his proactive attitude. “OTYS is always ready to listen to input from clients. We had a large number of standard vacancies outstanding for a particular client for quite some time, where the only thing that varied was the job location. And yet we had to input the whole vacancy again every time. I asked OTYS if they could design a copy button for me. The very next day it had already been fixed.”
“OTYS is very innovative. New functionalities are added nearly every month. These innovations give us significant advantages over our competitors, and I always keep a close eye on what new things they’ve come up with.”

“Versatile, easy to use, with a favourable quality ratio’’

About Independent Recruiters

Independent Recruiters is active nationwide as an intermediary and adviser of new and experienced graduates. Based on a company profile that it puts together, the precise wishes regarding the position and the candidate are discussed. Independent Recruiters then actively approaches possible candidates and proposes them to the client. The selection round and after-care is handled in cooperation with Independent Recruiters.


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