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Recruitment in a tight labor market – learn how the combination of Actonomy – NIXZ is the ideal solution to find candidates!

  • 04-11-2021 9:24 AM
Larissa Kampert
Written by
Larissa Kampert

Actonomy's smart matching technology makes it possible to quickly find the right candidates for a job. Actonomy also uses artificial intelligence and provides unique insight into the way in which candidates match your job.

Actonomy goes a step further than the other matching solutions and does not look for key words to determine a match. Actonomy looks at the meaning and understands what you are looking for. Relevant matches are searched for on this basis, even if words such as job titles are not literally in a profile. That makes Actonomy so unique and so indispensable for filling vacancies quickly! However, your own pool (or your CV database) may not contain all potential candidates!

That is why there is now the combination with NIXZ!
NIXZ is an intelligent robot that can handle searches for you. You define your searches and NIXZ creates a pool of candidates. NIXZ searches numerous external sources such as social media (LinkedIN, Facebook) and external job sites such as Indeed, werk.nl, Monsterboard, Nationale Vacaturebank, Jobbird, Werkzoeken.nl and Uitzendbureau.nl. NIXZ continuously searches and thus continuously increases the pool of candidates, always supplemented with the most recently found candidates and this as long as you let the robot do its job!

Once your search query has been defined - for example all 'sales' profiles in an external job board - NIXZ gets to work and adds all found candidates to one large candidate pool. From Actonomy you select a vacancy which you match with the entire NIXZ pool, so you immediately get to see the best matches. If the candidates are interesting, you can immediately import them into OTYS!

In summary, you will be able to recruit much faster in two simple steps:

1. Step 1: define via NIXZ which profiles or which target groups you are looking for from which external sources. With NIXZ you create a search query and NIXZ gets to work.
2. Step 2: select a vacancy in your ATS, press Actonomy match and you will immediately receive matches with your own candidates and with candidates from external sources!

Then all that remains is one push of a  button and the candidates will be added to your ATS and of course also deduplicated so that you do not import candidates multiple times!

What is the advantage?
You have the most recent candidates in your NIXZ pool at all times and you also immediately receive the most recent profiles. You only import candidates that are interesting in your ATS, so no pollution of profiles!

Would you like to take it one step further?
Actonomy has built-in lead generation – jobs are continuously searched in the market and they are available from Actonomy – so you can match a candidate with the available jobs in the market at any time. You can now also combine lead generation with NIXZ: select a vacancy and see which candidates are available. Or vice versa: select a candidate and see where a suitable vacancy is in the market!

Result: you continuously get interesting candidates that you can immediately match with your own vacancies or with vacancies from the market! Can you work even faster and more efficiently? Not without Actonomy!

Has your interest been aroused and do you want more information? Then visit the partner page of NIXZ or Actonomy. Or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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