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Assessments: the pros and cons listed

  • 29-10-2020 9:34 AM
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Gastblog: Selection Lab

The use of digital assessments in the recruitment process is increasing. It’s no surprise, given the benefits that assessments often bring. But is an assessment suitable for all types of positions? And what are the drawbacks? This article takes a closer look at the pros and cons of using assessments, so that you can find out whether digital assessments can be something for you.


Advantage # 1: Better predictive power
Work psychology has been researching the usefulness of digital assessments and other selection methods for decades. The result is undisputed; intelligence and personality assessments have a predictive value for almost all functions. In most cases, they predict better who will perform well than an interview does. For example, De Correspondent recently wrote "The worst way to find a good employee? Only a job interview. "What does this mean in practice? An assessment increases the chance of success to place a candidate and ensures more satisfied clients.

Advantage # 2: convincing stakeholders
Assessing the quality of an applicant is human work. A natural consequence of this is that people regularly disagree with each other. Few things are more frustrating than not being able to place a top candidate because one of the stakeholders is not quite comfortable with it. Assessments provide an objective picture of a candidate. This makes discussing suitability a lot smoother and leaves a lot of frustration behind.

Advantage # 3: professional appearance
Almost all large organizations nowadays use assessments. The use of this ensures a professional image to the candidate. The candidate gets the idea that his application is taken seriously and that people thoroughly review his or her competences. Even if someone is rejected, the assessment report can be used by him or her in other applications. This allows the candidate to look back on the experience in a positive way.

Advantage # 4: Higher quality job interview
When the assessment is carried out before the job interview takes place, the interview can be held in a more structured way. An assessment report provides a clear overview of the required competences a candidate has, but it also shows where there might be doubts about the candidate. This can then be discussed in more detail during the job interview.



Disadvantage # 1: Wrong choice of assessment type
There are many different assessments in circulation. That is why it is sometimes quite difficult to choose the right assessment. A common mistake is that development assessments are used for the selection of candidates. For example, the well-known color tests (such as DISC, Management Drives or Insights) are suitable for mapping team dynamics, but they’re explicitly not suitable for the selection of candidates. When assessments are meant to be used for the selection, the Big Five and HEXACO models are the most suitable, and they’re also extensively scientifically validated.

Downside # 2: Cost
The costs of an assessment often differ between € 50 and € 300 per assessment. These differences are significant and do not always say anything about the quality of the assessment. So make sure you don't pay too much. Research shows that candidates presented with an assessment report have a 23% higher chance of being hired. So although the assessment does entail costs, it pays for itself quickly.

Disadvantage # 3: Extra step in the process
The final con is that sending and viewing the assessment means an extra step in the process. When a client wants to switch quickly, there is not always room for this extra step.

Given the advantages, it is logical that more and more organizations choose to use digital assessments. It is however important to keep in mind that you choose the right type of assessment, because not all assessments are suitable for selecting the best candidates. The Assessments of The Selection Lab make use of the Big Five model, which is ideally suited for a large number of functions. In addition, the costs also always play a role. An assessment can easily cost more than € 100 and is therefore a serious cost item. An assessment at The Selection Lab costs only between € 35 and € 50.

Would you like to know more about the possibility to send out an assessment from The Selection Lab via OTYS? Contact us at service@theselectionlab.com or ask your OTYS account manager.

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