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Optimal use of WhatsApp on your Recruitment Process

  • 09-11-2020 9:16 AM
Written by
Martijn Soetekouw van Joboti

With the integration of Joboti and OTYS, your candidates can now easily apply via WhatsApp. But, with WhatsApp you can do so much more.

The development of applying

Over the years, a lot has changed in the field of job applications. In the past we would send handwritten letters with a motivation by mail, and at one point we switched to filling out long, boring online forms.

WhatsApp makes all of this obsolete. By simply adding a WhatsApp button to your website, candidates can now also easily apply via WhatsApp in addition to the form. A candidate only has to enter his mobile number and the chatbot immediately sends the candidate a WhatsApp message so the application dialogue can begin.

This way, candidates unwittingly provide more information about themselves than when they have to fill in a long form. Compared to a form, the chatbot improves your conversion by 25% and also ensures a better candidate experience.

Functionalities of the recruitment chatbot

As an organization, you determine which questions the chatbot asks the candidate. The chatbot can also directly ask several pre-selection questions during the conversation to quickly distinguish between candidates. These can be the standard questions such as ‘What’s your name?’. But also, for example, whether someone has a driver's license. The questions can even differ per vacancy. You also determine the tone of voice yourself, just like the language in which the chatbot asks the questions. This way you can optimally adapt the conversation to your target group.

Experience has shown that a chatbot is an accessible way for a candidate to first contact the company. A candidate can easily submit a contact request to the involved recruiter via the chatbot. If desired, the chatbot can be directly linked to the calendar

Webinar: Optimal use of WhatsApp in your recruitment process

On November 18, Bastiaan Brans from OTYS and Luuk van Neerven from Joboti will bring the two worlds of Recruitment and WhatsApp together in an interactive webinar. During this session, they will discuss the various applications of WhatsApp in recruitment in combination with OTYS. Would you like to know more about the optimal use of WhatsApp in your recruitment process? Sign up now for the free Webinar Wednesday webinar from November 18!

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