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This is how you do it: Employer Branding

  • 27-07-2021 9:23 AM
Written by
Kyara Jorritsma - Recruit Robin

We know that you (together with your colleagues) do everything you can to give your employees the best experience. However, it is also important that the outside world knows that you are doing everything you can to achieve this. Employer branding can help you with this. A good employer image can result in a better employee experience and the recruitment of the best talent. Now we can imagine that you want to know exactly what it means and how you can use it to boost your image (even more). In this blog you can read about that and how you can ensure that your employees want, dare and can stand behind your brand!

What is it?
Employer branding is building and maintaining your employer image. Having a good image and being highly regarded by (potential) employees and the business community in general is quite important. Nice advertising talks do not help in creating a good image, because sooner or later it will backfire.

The pros and cons
A strong employer brand often results in attracting the best candidates. This way you can fill vacancies faster and you will reach scarce talent. A good employer image also ensures that your current employees are satisfied with their workplace and that they will continue to work for you longer (perhaps or not forever). In addition, the public opinion about your company becomes more positive when your employer branding is good. Many think that building employer branding is supposed to be expensive, since often the help of a professional has to be called in. However, with a good dose of creativity or, for example, the help of your own marketing department, you can get very far.

How do I build an employer brand?
We understand that you have become enthusiastic after reading the above. For this reason, we share below a number of steps that you can take to achieve a fantastic employer brand. You will also find out how you can have your employer image communicated by your employees.

1. Find the 'why'
Why do you actually do what you do? Your company originated from a certain vision or idea and every day we work hard to realize this idea. Use your vision to find out what makes you as a company different from others. This attracts employees who agree with your vision and they are driven by intrinsic motivation to realize your idea. Next, it is important to map out your position in the market and find the elements of your vision that make your company so unique. These elements together form the elements of your employer image. Here’s an idea: you can easily make this clear with a SWOT analysis, in which you emphasize your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Leave the story to the employees
Now that you have insight into your employer image, you need to ensure that your vision is shared within the company. In short: everyone within the organization must therefore agree with your vision. When they are convinced of your point of view, you have a strong message that you can promote to the outside world. Your employees will most likely share their positive experiences with others, which is essential for good employer branding. You can also find out what ex-employees think about your company by visiting the Glassdoor website.

Find your proposition
Drawing up an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help you put your employees first. This way you ensure that they are in the perfect place within the company. In this EVP you show what you have to offer. This includes salary, corporate culture, leadership and other conditions within the company. Be transparent and clear about the value of what you can offer the employee and make sure they know exactly what to expect. Empty promises do more harm than good. Find out what your employees think is important and try to get as close as possible to this. In conclusion: start a conversation with your employees and find out what their preferences are and what they find important!

The EVP can also help you attract new talent. If you know what your ideal candidate finds important, you can shape your EVP in such a way that you automatically attract your perfect candidates.

Create a group of ambassadors
At this point, you know who's behind your brand and what's most important to them. Give your employees great stories to tell and organize training courses in which you give tips about the use of social media. Your employees become the essential source of information for the outside world.

Promote your image
Promoting your employer brand is of course extremely important in this step-by-step plan. If this doesn't happen, the outside world won't know what a great company you've set up! You can promote it on your own website, but also consider social media platforms. Here you can use experiences, blogs or videos to convey your employer image. Highlight what makes your company unique compared to the competitors and try visualizing this in a realistic image. Honesty and transparency are valued in this respect. A strong example of transparency and honesty can be found on Trendhim's 404 page, which makes you feel directly connected to the organization.

It is important that you continue to maintain your employer brand and that you tell a consistent story. In this way you show that different parts of the organization all share the same vision and experience. Since everything changes by the minute these days, it makes sense that your vision also fluctuates. Go along with these changes and be flexible if necessary. This way you can constantly give a realistic picture to the outside world and in the meantime you build your employer brand all the time. Also regularly evaluate whether your image still matches the wishes of the candidates you want to attract and adjust if necessary!

Hopefully we have now given you enough tools to get started with your employer branding! Do you have any questions about this blog article? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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