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How does your candidate assess the application process? Beginner tips with Ratecard

  • 23-09-2021 10:14 AM
Larissa Kampert
Written by
Larissa Kampert

As a recruiter, you know better than anyone that your application process cannot have any bumps in the road. A candidate may stumble over this bump and then abort the application process prematurely. This is of course a shame, as the market is very scarce at the moment. To assess your application process as well as possible, you need help from your candidates. What are the stumbling blocks in the process and what can lead to the loss of a candidate? We have listed five sample questions for you that you can ask a candidate after the application. This makes your application process a piece of cake with Ratecard.

We start with the key question
''How do you rate our application process?'' This might sound like a useless question, but it’s certainly a very good one to start with, because you can ask questions about this and actually see where things are going wrong in your process. Via Ratecard you can set whether you want to ask a follow-up question after this question, provided the grade is (for example) lower than an eight. Example: I rate the application process with a six. There will immediately be a box below that with the question: "How could we improve one point or more?" In this the candidate can then place valuable information that can be very valuable for your application process. Imagine; I rate the process with a nine then I don't get to see this box, because of course it is not lower than an eight. This can all be adjusted within the Ratecard system, so that you have everything under control. See an example of such a questionnaire here.

The parts of the application process
After the key question, we naturally want to look at the different parts of the application process. Your candidate is (usually) the first to arrive at your website. Then they look for the right information, then they look at the job description and finally the response time comes into play. You can ask the following questions within Ratecard:

- The website was easy to navigate and I knew which steps to follow to apply.
- I was able to find all the information to submit my application.
- The job description was clear to me.
- I am satisfied with the time it took to receive a response.

You can also assess these questions with numbers. Is the grade lower than an 8? Then you can add another question, such as: How can we improve this? The candidate tells you exactly what is missing for them. For example, are they missing information in the job description? Or can they not easily find the application button? All this helps you to better understand and ultimately improve the candidate experience. Do you find it difficult to come up with questions? No problem! Ratecard has more than 100+ free templates for questionnaires, so you can get started right away!

The final question
You can choose to ask one last question. Often companies want to know how you got to know them and whether they would recommend you as a company. Make sure to keep it short and to the point. Nobody wants to fill out a questionnaire that takes longer than 5 minutes, unless the subject is really close to their heart.

More than 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior experience, while only 8% of their candidates agree. Take control of the 'candidate experience gap' and improve your application procedure by collecting feedback on autopilot via Ratecard. Ratecard currently has a special promotion: € 99.90 per month all-in (up to 10 users), 1 month free and no implementation costs. Take advantage of this promotion today and take your business to the next level with the world's most powerful feedback solution. More information about Ratecard and their solutions, click here or visit the website: www.ratecard.io

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