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Search & Source dreams become reality with Recruit Robin

  • 30-10-2020 3:20 PM
Written by
Larissa Kampert

In what lies the talent of recruiters? Is it in the technical part of sourcing or in the engagement with the candidate? How much do consultants actually enjoy spending hours in databases? Or do they prefer engaging with clients and candidates?


Just imagine having a tool that can reduce your team's sourcing time by up to 90%. A tool that ensures that the average quality of your team's sourcing improves by leaps and bounds. A tool that ensures that you can search in all your sources at the same time. A tool that is also perfectly integrated in OTYS, so that administrative actions are kept to a minimum.

For a long time that sounded like a pipe dream, but has now become reality. Olfertjan Niemeijer of Independent Recruiters has experienced it for himself. “The integration of Recruit Robin with OTYS means that my consultants spend up to 90% less time sourcing,” says Niemeijer. The integration between Recruit Robin and OTYS therefore opens many doors. Independent Recruiters themselves have been working intensively with Recruit Robin for 12 months and have involved OTYS to bring the quality, sourcing and linkage to the desired level.

“My consultants do better searches and can offer a greater amount of adecuate candidates to our clients. Just another example of the power of OTYS to integrate with other tools that further streamline the process. Thanks to Recruit Robin and OTYS, the result has become wonderful. ”

Directly from the vacancy in OTYS you can get high-quality results within two minutes. This results in happy consultants, who can propose more candidates to happy clients, who can be helped even faster and better.


Recruit Robin

Recruit Robin is an A.I. sourcing tool, which will automatically search for relevant candidates based on your input. Wherever there is an online database, Robin is there to find your suitable candidate!

More information about Recruit Robin can be found by clicking here. Are you interested or do you have further questions? Then fill in the form on this page. We are happy to help you simplify your process, so that your recruiters can make better and faster matches.

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