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Should I secure my website with HTTPS - part 2

  • 20-05-2018 2:47 PM
Written by
Arjan de Knegt

At the end of last year, I wrote a blog post about the benefits and urgency of properly securing your website. Meanwhile, the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers have taken further steps to identify unsafe websites and, especially, to make it clear to the visitor that the website in question does not handle their data securely.

Until January 2017, Google Chrome marked unsafe websites with a subtle exclamation mark in the address bar. But as of the last browser update, the visitor gets the following message on pages with a form or another possibility to enter data:



This page is therefore downright labelled as 'Unsafe'. You can imagine that some of the candidates on your website will think twice before leaving their application data. And rightly so, because everyone who is a bit clever with a keyboard can intercept the (sensitive) data of the visitor. For example, log-in data and personal information. At a time when more and more people are aware of how vulnerable they are online, this can have a major impact on things like the bounce rate of your website and the number of applications.

What can we expect?

It will not stop there. Both Firefox and Chrome have indicated that they will make the warning even clearer in the coming period. Chrome says that it will show that a site is unsafe in red in the address bar. Firefox will give a separate message during the completing of a form, which again warns that the information that the visitor enters will not be sent securely.



About time to take steps and secure your website properly. For this has a number of great benefits:

  • You are well prepared for the future
  • You won’t scare off visitors with a loud message that your website is unsafe
  • You instil faith in your visitors and ensure them that you are responsible with their data
  • You get a small lead in Google ratings over websites that are not secure

Do you still have an unsafe website? You can check this in your browser. Does your web address start with HTTP? If so, we recommend to contact OTYS quickly. We apply for the right SSL certificate for you and ensure its validation and correct installation, so that your website can only be reached safely via HTTPS.


Yes, get me one of those SSL certificates

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