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The latest trends in 2021 for recruitment websites

  • 22-12-2020 10:42 AM
Written by
Larissa Kampert

2020 is behind us and that means a new year with new challenges, but mostly new chances. In the field of recruitment, but specifically recruitment websites. Is anything going to change? What stays ‘in fashion’ and what is definitely getting scrapped? We have already done research for you and have listed the newest trends here. Are you curious? Then keep on reading!

Websites in dark mode
One of the main trends of 2021 will be the ‘dark mode’. You might have heard about this already when for example configuring a mobile phone. Internet browsers like Google Chrome have recently acquired the feature to adopt the theme settings from the management system. The browser will notice this setting and a website will be able to respond to it in the design. A dark background will lead to more contrast and a comforting look for your eyes, which will make the design elements more visible.

Chatting easily with someone from the organization
You can see this more and more often on recruitment websites. Easily ‘chatting’ with someone inside the organization. Chatbots are getting more popular for maintaining the contact with your website visitor. With this chatbot website visitors, meaning potential candidates or customers, will be able to easily ask questions or even apply! This way they won’t even have to search through your website to find their ideal vacancy or to contact you. Additionally you will also be available 24/7 with a chatbot, meaning you can receive three times as many candidates. Candidates will this way also go through a pre-selection. The chatbot will ask them a series of useful question for a goal oriented conversation.

Thumb-friendly design
This may sound like kicking down an open door, but nevertheless most people lack a mobile friendly website. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that more mobile users keep appearing every year. So the time has come that your website becomes user friendly on several devices, such as a telephone or an IPad.

Voice User Interface
The method by which we get access to information has changed through the years from typing to speaking. A pretty and new technique which is now making its debut on websites. Even though a speech-guided interface is not common for most websites, more and more websites are implementing this technique. Your website visitors can easily record something like: “Show me all of the Sales vacancies”. Sounds useful right!?

The Hero section
The header image, in other words ‘the hero section’, is the image on your home page which website visitors get to see first. In 2021 this image will get replaced by a unique and daring font with a vibrant background colour, to quickly draw the attention of your website visitors. So instead of triggering the website user with images you now achieve this through content.

Micro animations
Micro animations are small animations which you can use to provide visual feedback on a performed action. Think for example of a green check that appears on the screen when a website user has entered the application form correctly. This leads to a playful effect, and this way you can improve the user experience.

As a recruiter you can really go nuts with the newest trends in the year 2021. From micro animations to voice over user interface, you can try it all! It’s time to give your website a makeover in 2021 with the newest trends in the back of your mind. Would you like to have help or advice on your website? In service of our OTYS customers we are organizing our first website APK sessions on the 14th of January. Along with a webdesigner you’ll review your website critically. From their expertise they’ll present ideas, or you can request a design proposition. This talk is completely without obligation and for free.

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